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Metro Magazine is a powerful, easy-to-use WordPress magazine theme with a good user experience, modern atmosphere, fast loading, and high responsiveness. It is equipped with a stylish and responsive layout designed for mobile, tablet and computer access to deliver content and images in an amazing way. The Metro Magazine theme has evolved into a completely generic and adaptable to all types of news magazine website themes.

Theme online demo:

Theme release and download: (click on the green DOWNLOAD NOW button on the page, enter the email address and other information, click on the download)

Theme help documentation:

Natural History(ZiRanZhi) WordPress Advanced Business Theme Version 2.0

ZiRanZhi – A responsive, multi-functional advanced WordPress theme.

Based on the powerful WordPress, the front end builds on Vue 2.0 and does not use jQuery. Applicable to self-media, WeChat public account, photo display, Taobao, vertical industry, niche community and other types of entrepreneurial groups. Her all-platform adaptive, responsive design, support for HTTPS, SEO a lot of optimization. It is an excellent and advanced topic in China.

Theme features

  • Registered to log in: Foreground registration, login (including social login), password recovery and other functions, comes with a verification code, you can choose the verification code font and style.
  • Membership system: Supports member cover pictures such as facebook or know-how to support custom avatars. The member page displays its own articles, comments, posts, favorites, attentions, etc. Members can set their own information at the front desk, bind their social accounts, and change their passwords.
  • Notification system: The interactive content of members on the website will notify the relevant personnel, such as commenting on an article, clicking on it, replying to the comment, voting on the comment, paying attention to someone, sending a letter to someone And so on, will notify the relevant personnel.
  • Private messaging system: members and members can also exchange private messages ~! Thumbs up!
  • Points System: There are more than a dozen different points rewards and consumption mechanisms. The points earned by the members on the day are active, and the active ranking is automatically updated every day. Members can purchase points by top-up!
  • Submission System: Solve all kinds of pain points in WordPress front office submission! Users will never give up interaction with your website because of the mental handicap of the submission feature! Supports custom categories, custom tags, custom article formats, custom thumbnails, and more!
  • Article system: Home article can choose traditional pagination and unlimited AJAX drop-down mode. On the mobile side, the unlimited AJAX drop-down mode is automatically enabled. The big picture in the article supports the comment function. You can also choose whether to open it in the background.
  • Related Articles System: Supports manual assignment of relevant articles. If related article plugins (Yarpp) are enabled, intelligent related functions will be enabled: if the user does not specify related articles, relevant articles will be generated automatically. If the user specifies related articles but the number is insufficient, they are automatically completed. Related articles, user-specified first, autocomplete later! Articles on the inner pages of the article can be replaced with AJAX!
  • Comment System: Review all AJAX submissions and AJAX pages. Supports emoticons and pictures (members must log in), support commentary voting.
  • Letter avatars: support for the first letter or the end of the letter to generate avatars, support for Chinese characters to generate avatars.
  • Sidebar: Automatically identify whether the non-logged-in user has previously left a message on the site. If there is a message, the welcome content is displayed and the number of messages is displayed. If you are a logged-in member, the basic information of the member is displayed. Popular articles are displayed according to the current page, the home page displays the popular articles of the website, the category page displays the current popular articles, the tab page displays the articles containing the current tags, and the article pages display the popular articles related to this article. . The latest comment is AJAX loading to avoid spam messages affecting the SEO of your site. The latest message can also be AJAX paged. The sidebar can display the ranking of points and can display random articles similar to the content of the current page!
  • Alibaba Cloud: The theme supports the support of seven cattle cloud and cloud back to the source. After setting in the background, one key is enabled, and the whole station is CDN.
  • Forum System: A forum system that integrates perfectly with themes.
  • Bubbling System: This is a very interesting system, similar to a simple Weibo, users can send a word, or a picture, visitors and members can comment
  • Mall system: The mall system provides functions such as merchandise purchase, point purchase, and points raffle.
  • Integrated Alipay official payment and WeChat visa-free payment!
  • Membership rating system: Members automatically upgrade their ranks through points, from lv1 – lv7, administrators can also set members to vip.
  • Article content selling system: In the editor, you can set the short code for hidden content, and set the article as paid reading, integral reading, permission reading, login reading, etc. Flexible and practical!
  • Institute: Users can publish research, similar to questions, voting, etc.

What topics are worth recommending?

  • Support Ali cloud, seven cattle cloud pass!
  • Automatically identify whether the browser supports the wep format. If it is supported, wew-formatted images will be automatically enabled (need to turn on the source function)
  • Theme comes with a grid mode and a list mode, which can be fixed and can be freely switched by the user.
  • Supports the era of HTTPS-enabled HTTPS and HTTP/2.
  • Because of the abandonment of bloated jQuery based on Vue 2.0, there is very little js code on the front end. Vue 2.0 is based on data rather than DOM, so it is very fast!
  • There are many interesting features and try it out for yourself.

Theme Authorization

This topic authorizes a natural person or unit. As long as the domain name under this natural person or unit can be used, the number is not limited. If you resell without permission or openly provide downloads, the company will no longer provide after-sales and upgrade services for them and pursue their legal responsibilities.

About Technical Services

  • Ordinary member provides 3 months of free technical advice
  • VIP members provide 1 year free technical consultation
  • All members can upgrade for free
  • Complex customization service, charge according to the situation
  • After a period of limitation, as the case may be, simple consultation is also free, and complex issues will be charged in appropriate amounts!
  • The piracy theme is highly likely to be implanted with various malicious code. Private information will be lost, the site will be emptied, and Baidu will include zero. In this case, this site is not responsible!


Use Postie to post articles to WordPress via email

I believe many of my friends do not know that we can actually post articles to WordPress via email. In the Dashboard- settings – compose interface, you can see the setting options:

But today’s protagonist is not this, but Postie, it is very powerful to extend the function of mail posting. Postie provides many advanced features for creating articles by mail, including assigning categories by name, including pictures and videos, and automatically stripping signatures. Supports IMAP and POP3, as well as SSL communication.

Postie main features:

  • Supports IMAP or POP3 servers
  • Supports SSL and TLS
  • Control who can publish via email
  • Set the category, status, article format, article type and label defaults
  • Set title, category, status, article format, article type, date, comment control, and email to override default tags
  • Specify article summary (including excerpts only for images)
  • Use an HTML version of plain text or email
  • Remove email headers and footers (useful for posting from mailing lists)
  • Optionally send email when article posting is successful/failure
  • Can be set by adding the file name (wildcard support) and MIME type file type
  • Optionally make the first image as a featured image
  • Gallery support
  • Plain text email controls image position
  • Set image templates, video templates, audio templates, and other attachment templates as needed
  • E-mail Reply Become a Comment
  • Developers can also handle emails based on hooks

Search for Postie in the background plug-in installation interface and install it online, or manually after downloading Postie.

Use Download Info Page for WordPress to add download transfer page

Seeing that some WordPress software stations have a download relay page, is it cool? Actually using the Download Info Page plug-in can be implemented.

Download Info Page Introduction

The Download Info Page plug-in allows the webmaster to fill in the resource’s file name, download address, download password (generally a share password for the web disk), file version, file format, file size, etc. when writing the resource class article.

When you complete the article after completing the resource information, the plug-in will create a download button at the bottom of the article. The reader clicks the download button will automatically jump to the download page generated by the plug-in for the resource.

Before using the Download Info Page plug-in, you first need to “WordPress background – plug-ins – installed plug-ins”, find the plug-in Download Info Page, click Start; then click “Settings” or through “WordPress Background – Plug-in – DIP Settings” Plug-in configuration:

  1. Basic settings: Used to set the domain name address of the relay page. If not, the default domain name address is the same as that of the blog. You can also use the second level domain name or other domain name address of the blog address. You need to log in to the domain name management to resolve to the blog host IP address.
  2. Relay page ad settings: The transit page has a total of four ad slots, which can be inserted into the Google ad network ads Google AdSense, Baidu Union, Ali mother advertising alliance website ad code. Note that be sure to insert the ad and set the interface description of the ad size, otherwise there will be transfer page layout misplaced, ad code insertion please read the corresponding help article.
  3. Advanced settings: Including transit page related article code settings (recommended to use Baidu recommendation), transit page data statistics code, custom article page download information section CSS style, custom article page download information section template html template, custom transit page CSS style and Customize the relay page JS code. Note that advanced settings require the user to have a certain understanding of the web page code, please read the help of the setup interface carefully before setting.

The main purpose of the plug-in is to (1) facilitate the webmaster to manage the downloaded resource information in more detail; (2) to increase the resource revenue of the resource blog (the ad space of the relay page is optimized, which can effectively improve the conversion of the advertising space. Rate and click rate)

Download Info Page Download

You can search for Download Info Page on the control panel plug-in installation interface to install online