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Numinous is a clean magazine-style WordPress theme for news, magazines, food, technology, and technology content sites. Numinous theme adopts responsive layout design, perfect support for mobile phone, tablet and computer display. It has a clean layout, atmospheric layout, a good user experience and SEO optimization, you can also customize the appearance – custom settings, fast Build your site.

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Downgrade WordPress to Old Versions Online with WP Downgrade

We all know that whenever WordPress has new books, we can update them one-click in the background. But sometimes, our theme or plug-in may not be compatible with the new version of WP. At this time, if we want to downgrade to the previous old version, what should we do? Take a look below.

Important note: Regardless of upgrade or downgrade, before operating, please be sure to back up your website data, especially the website database, just in case!

Online downgrade

The so-called online downgrade is the same as updating the new version with a key. However, we need to use the WP Downgrade plug-in to implement it, so we must first install and enable WP Downgrade. Then access the Settings – WP Downgrade menu and set the version we want to downgrade.

For example, if you want to demote from 4.7 down to 4.6.1, you can fill in 4.6.1 according to the figure below, and then click “Save Changes”:

You can visit this page to check the WordPress version information:

Pay attention to the red information at the bottom of the figure: 4.6.1 The download link does not exist for Simplified Chinese. At this time, we can access Settings – General, change the language to English, and save it:

Then visit the Dashboard – Updates interface and click on “RE-install Now” to start the reinstallation of the old version specified:

Don’t worry about language problems. After installing the original English version, our language pack files will not be lost!

After installation, we will visit the Settings – General interface and change the language to Simplified Chinese. After saving, you can see the previous Simplified Chinese interface!

Well, that’s it! If everything is OK, you can uninstall the WP Downgrade plugin.

Build Your Online Store with Easy Digital Downloads

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are the most widely used WordPress store plugins at home and abroad. With the help of a wealth of extensions, they support physical and virtual goods transactions, but the former has much better support for physical transactions (ie, logistics support), while the latter has much better support. For the virtual goods (downloads, services) do a lot of optimization. Therefore, if you plan to use WordPress to build physical transactions, we recommend choosing WooCommerce. If you are building virtual goods, providing paid downloads, and paid services, we recommend choosing Easy Digital Downloads.

The WordPress University Mall is built using Easy Digital Downloads. Let’s briefly talk about the features and some suggestions of Easy Digital Downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads is a lightweight, efficient and easy to use WordPress store plug-in that can be used to build a complete e-commerce website for digital downloads or non-physical transactions.

Main features:

  • Shopping Cart System – Supports one-time purchase of multiple items
  • Coupon Code System – Set different discounts and generate discount codes for products
  • Payment Gateway – Supports Paypal, Amazon, and Test Payment Gateways by default. You can also add additional payment gateway support via other extensions, such as Alipay and Wechat Payments.
  • Complete consumption history – you can easily see the specific information of each transaction
  • User purchase history and support for multiple downloads
  • Each product supports adding multiple download files and supports setting multiple package prices
  • Support bundled multiple products
  • Custom order receipts and mail
  • Sales and revenue statistics
  • Detailed product purchase and download log
  • Support export data to CSV and PDF files
  • You can do more with extensions
  • Complete development interface and documentation

Functional extension suggestions:

  • EDD Alipay – Add Alipay Gateway Support for Easy Digital Downloads, allowing users to purchase goods through Alipay
  • WeChat Payment Gateway – Added WeChat payment gateway support for Easy Digital Downloads, allowing users to purchase goods via WeChat payment
  • Software Licenses – Adding a complete authorization code verification mechanism to your mall requires a level of development that can be achieved by integrating the appropriate code into your digital product.
  • Per Product Emails – Allows setting different email receipts for each item
  • Points and Rewards – Add points and rewards, users can purchase points to buy points, you can also use the points to redeem the amount of money.
  • Frontend Submissions – Allows users to deliver and manage merchandise on the front end. If you want more than one author store, this plugin is a good choice
  • Commissions – Multi-users are divided into systems, support for each product is set to a ratio, suitable for multiple users to publish goods, such as the platform can charge a fee from the author’s income
  • EDD Sale Price – A sales price (distinguished from the original price) can be set for each item for promotion
  • Content Restriction – Content Restriction feature. Only users who have purchased one or more products can view the specified article or part of the content
  • AffiliateWP – A very powerful promotion alliance plugin that allows users to promote your products to earn commissions
  • Recurring Payments – Add recurring payment support for other members such as sales members that need to renew
  • Need more features, please see the official expansion interface

The introduction is here. If you are interested in this plugin, you are advised to download and install it yourself.

Search Easy Digital Downloads in the background plugin installation interface to install online, or download Easy Digital Downloads here

Easy Digital Downloads Official:

Easy Digital Downloads Document:

WordPress Front End Registration Plugin User Registration

Recently seen a front-end registration plugin User Registration, I feel pretty good, recommend it to everyone. User Registration is a lightweight but extensible plugin that supports field drag-and-drop sorting, can create any type, any number of registration forms, and allows users to log in front-end, modify personal information, retrieve passwords, and more.


  • Lightweight and beautiful registration form
  • Drag and drop to add and sort fields
  • Create an unlimited number of registration forms
  • Supports multiple column layout
  • Multiple form template designs
  • Supports calling via shortcode
  • Support Google verification code Google Recaptcha
  • E-mail notification
  • Form copy options
  • Personal data account page
  • Administrator review mechanism
  • Automatic login options
  • Mail Confirmation Registration
  • Enable/disable strength password
  • Default user role options
  • Complete help documentation
  • Support localized translation

Advanced extension

User Registration There are also some advanced payment extensions that can be enhanced, and friends who need it can purchase it on their own.

  • Social Connect – Allows users to sign up/login to your site using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.
  • Content Restrictions – Allows you to restrict all or part of the content from a page to users who only log in to the user or log in with a specific role.
  • File Upload – Allows you to add an upload field in the registration form so that users can upload files, pictures, etc.
  • Woocommerce integration – Integrate and synchronize woocommerce related information to user registration account pages such as orders, customer details, bills.
  • Mailchimp – lets you synchronize your registered users with the mailchimp list. After registration, the user is automatically added to the mailchimp list of your choice.

Picture Preview:

Plug-in download

  • Online Demo:
  • Download address: (You can search in the background plug-in installation interface User Registration online installation)
  • Help Documentation:
  • Official Website: