Practical tips to be safer when surfing the internet



Given the importance to always be vigilant when surfing the internet, here are some practical tips from Microsoft Indonesia.

– Lock your computer and other accounts with strong passwords, as well as a unique four-digit PIN on the mobile phone.

– Do not do bill payments, bank transactions, shopping or other important business activities through the public computer, or from a laptop and a mobile phone through Wi-Fi networks that are open to the public (eg hotspots).

– Beware of the scouts. Various methods have been made to kiss the trail a password, PIN, user name or the like through typing finger or a touch on the screen when you enter data.

– Be careful with e-mail messages or suspicious. Avoid the various offers that seem excessive, and be aware of the sender, even if the message looks as if it came from a person or a reliable source.

– Watch for signs on the Web page indicating that the page is secure and reliable. Before entering sensitive data, check the instructions encryption (eg a web address with ‘https’ or a locked padlock logo in the bottom right corner of the site).

– Reduce the spam from the inbox. Do not give your primary e-mail or instant messaging to an unknown person or institution not known reputation. Avoid displaying data from social networking page, or Internet directories (such as white pages) or job site.

Know the Technology Wireless Charger


Increasingly sophisticated technology. Now charger technology created without cable. Wireless Charger technology names.

Another name Wireless Charger is Inductive Charging. This technology utilizes magnetic force to deliver power between the two objects.

The power distribution has a way of working together with the transformer or transformer. Electricity is converted into magnetic field on one coil. Then the magnetic field is converted back into electricity in the other coil.

But the difference between transformer with wireless induction charging is the media. At transormator, the magnetic field induced by the iron core media. Wireless Charger while using room air as the induction medium.

Wireless Charger will act as the first coil that converts electricity into a magnetic field. When the device that you want to fill the battery is placed near the Wireless Charger. The device is a second coil that converts the magnetic field back into electricity to charge the battery.

Tips on Buying a Second Hand iPhone

The presence of the iPhone 5 is certainly making the selling price of the underlying series has decreased slightly. For those of you who want to taste the iPhone but the funds are limited, buy second hand or used iPhone can be an option.

But be careful, do not be fooled by the low prices offered. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying a secondhand iPhone.

1. Check the authenticity of the iPhone, from the Serial Number and IMEI, physical condition, to the features offered. Do not forget to match and try out all the features of the iPhone are compatible with the official specification or not.

2. What is SU? SU is a Software Unlock, meaning that the iPhone is carrier-locked country of origin. To be able to use a SIM card from a local provider, you have to go through the process of unlocking. Little trouble indeed, but usually this kind of iPhones cheaper.

3. What is FU? FU is Factory Unlock, meaning that the iPhone can be directly used with any SIM card. Another advantage is the Push Notification will run better. If you have more money, buy more iPhones FU type recommended.

4. Check the condition of the screen if there are dead pixels or not. Imagine how much money you have to spend if the screen on your iPhone problems at a later date. Do not forget to remember that the iPhone screen is very sensitive and convenient to use. If not responsive, we can be sure the screen is broken or you buy a fake iPhone.

5. Try to press the Home button a few times. If it feels uncomfortable, immediately undo the intention to buy it because it is important to the function keys.

6. Check the camera, speaker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a few other standard features. Do not underestimate this because if one of these functions there is damage, you own a hassle.

7. There is no version of the iPhone that offer additional microSD external memory. iPhone only uses internal memory. If there is a microSD slot, we can be sure these items are replicas.

8. We recommend that you bring a laptop that is installed when buying the iPhone iTunes app mark. Connect the iPhone to the laptop. If detected by iTunes, it stands to reason the original iPhone.

How Sharing Instagram photos to Facebook Page


Did you know that we can upload photos to Instagram and specific Page on Facebook as well?

If you do not know, the following easy steps:

1. To be able to share photos in a Page on Facebook, run the first app Instagram and go to Options.

2. After that, select ‘Share Settings’.

3. Select the ‘Facebook’ and ‘Share Photos To’ on the next page.

4. If you have a Page on Facebook, you can see the list directly. Select the Page you want.

5. From now on, all photos uploaded to Instagram also will go to the Facebook Page of your choice.


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