A New Place to Live

I cannot take it anymore. My house too much for me to take. It is too crowded. I barely have any space for myself. My family has a lot of members in it, but my home does not have enough room. My personal privacy is disappearing every day. I am in constant danger of people eating my food and hogging my bathroom time. Sometimes. my family members use all of the hot water before I can take a nice shower. I know what I have to do. I am looking at apartments in Hattiesburg. I must move out of my old house and get my own place.

I hate living in my parents house. When I graduated from college, I was very broke. It was hard for me to find a job. The economy was very bad. I was stuck. I was determined to improve my life. I finally got a full-time job. I saved as much money as I could to make my dreams work. I slowly accumulated enough money to get my own place.

My family played an important part in my decision to move away from home. I have three younger siblings and they are constantly working my nerves. I love them unconditionally, but sometimes they drive me up the wall. They constantly go through my stuff and mess up my room. They also use my stuff without my permission. My parents also annoy me. They embarrass me when I bring company over to the house. They also treat me like a baby. I am grown adult and I still have to follow their rules. I feel that I should not be required to have a curfew at this stage of my life. it is so embarrassing.

Hopefully, I will find the place of my dreams soon and escape my problems.