How Sharing Instagram photos to Facebook Page


Did you know that we can upload photos to Instagram and specific Page on Facebook as well?

If you do not know, the following easy steps:

1. To be able to share photos in a Page on Facebook, run the first app Instagram and go to Options.

2. After that, select ‘Share Settings’.

3. Select the ‘Facebook’ and ‘Share Photos To’ on the next page.

4. If you have a Page on Facebook, you can see the list directly. Select the Page you want.

5. From now on, all photos uploaded to Instagram also will go to the Facebook Page of your choice.


WordPress Front End Registration Plugin User Registration

Recently seen a front-end registration plugin User Registration, I feel pretty good, recommend it to everyone. User Registration is a lightweight but extensible plugin that supports field drag-and-drop sorting, can create any type, any number of registration forms, and allows users to log in front-end, modify personal information, retrieve passwords, and more.


  • Lightweight and beautiful registration form
  • Drag and drop to add and sort fields
  • Create an unlimited number of registration forms
  • Supports multiple column layout
  • Multiple form template designs
  • Supports calling via shortcode
  • Support Google verification code Google Recaptcha
  • E-mail notification
  • Form copy options
  • Personal data account page
  • Administrator review mechanism
  • Automatic login options
  • Mail Confirmation Registration
  • Enable/disable strength password
  • Default user role options
  • Complete help documentation
  • Support localized translation

Advanced extension

User Registration There are also some advanced payment extensions that can be enhanced, and friends who need it can purchase it on their own.

  • Social Connect – Allows users to sign up/login to your site using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.
  • Content Restrictions – Allows you to restrict all or part of the content from a page to users who only log in to the user or log in with a specific role.
  • File Upload – Allows you to add an upload field in the registration form so that users can upload files, pictures, etc.
  • Woocommerce integration – Integrate and synchronize woocommerce related information to user registration account pages such as orders, customer details, bills.
  • Mailchimp – lets you synchronize your registered users with the mailchimp list. After registration, the user is automatically added to the mailchimp list of your choice.

Picture Preview:

Plug-in download

  • Online Demo:
  • Download address: (You can search in the background plug-in installation interface User Registration online installation)
  • Help Documentation:
  • Official Website: