New Findings: Phone Sophisticated Direct Translate Foreign Languages

For a while the new service is limited to those who speak Japanese, English, Mandarin, and Korean.

Feeling confused should talk on the phone with languages that do not you understand? Do not worry. Japanese telecommunications company, NTT DoCoMo launched soon “translation services” that lets you talk on the phone with them a foreign language.

This translation will appear in the form of text on the screen, and only delayed a few seconds of the sound you hear. For a while, this new service serving telephone conversation between the Japanese with interlocutors who speak English, Mandarin and Korean. However, in the near future, DoCoMo will develop services for the interlocutors who speak French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai.

“We hope that this service will make customers more freedom to talk to anyone,” DoCoMo spokesman was quoted as saying by the AP, today.

Hanashite Honyaku” as the service is called, will be extra applications on smart phone products and computer tablets with Android operating system. Nevertheless, DoCoMo spokesman warned that this service can not deliver accurate translations, and may be difficult to define a number of dialogue.

Lenovo Introduces 5 Smartphone Tough with Cheap Price


Without compromising on quality and technology.

Lenovo finally decided to enter the smartphone market with the signing of five champion Indonesia in the launch event which took place on Tuesday night (16/10). Fifth smartphone is Lenovo Ideaphone A60 +, S880,P700i, K860, and S560.

Took Trikomsel as “exclusive partner”, a brand better known as the number one computer manufacturer in the world, be sure to maximize the potential of the smart phone market in the country.

“The smartphone market in Indonesia is growing rapidly and we will work closely with our partners Trikomsel that have proven successful in Indonesia,” said JD Howard, Vice President Business Operations and WW Business Development Lenovo when he opened the launch event.

Meanwhile Trikomsel Director, Desmond Previn optimistic Indonesia can win the public interest with a strong brand strategy Lenovo low prices, without compromising on quality and technology.

Fifth smartphone offered by Lenovo have had their respective segments in the Indonesian market.

Starting from the model Ideaphone K860 aimed at the premium class. Interestingly despite the 5-inch screen mobile is equipped with the latest technology such as the 1.4 GHz Exynos 4412 processor, 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front, 8 GB of internal memory, and applying Android 4.0, the price of this phone is only Rp 3, 7 million to Rp.4, 4 million.

For information Samsung Galaxy S III with 4.8-inch screen and the specs are almost the same as the K860 sold at a price of nearly Rp.7 million in the country.

Meanwhile, the second smartphone is Lenovo P700i. With a 4-inch screen and a battery life of up to 13 days and a maximum of 28 hours of talk time, the smartphone is claimed to be suitable for the businessmen. The mobile phone has a 1GHz dual core processor, dual SIM card slot, and Android 4.0 operating system is appreciated only Rp1, 99 million.

The third is Ideaphone Mobile S880 which will be released for only Rp1, 69 million. 5 inch screen smartphone uses a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, Android 4.0 operating system, dual SIM card slots, 4GB of internal memory. This phone is claimed to be suitable for the lovers of music and entertainment.

Last is the series Ideaphone + A60 to be sold below the price IDR 1 million. Applying Android 3.2, 1GHz single-core processor, 256MB of RAM, and dual SIM phone is aimed at the lower middle class.

Guide to Choosing Smartphones Based OS: iOS

The key features? iPhone

Every day the number and types of smartphones is increasing. Choose the one that suits the needs of each person, require adequate information about the technology, features, and operating system. Especially considering the price is not cheap.

The operating system can be a major clue in choosing a smartphone or mobile smart phone. Now there are three systems that dominate the world, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Windows Phone from Microsoft.

Once familiar with the Android operating system, the following is a guide to choosing a smart phone from Apple using iOS system:

Apple’s iOS operating system from the platform of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS is the second best-selling operating system in the world behind Android, with a market share of 14 percent. The gulf between Andorid with iOS is great, but remember, iOS only used on the iPhone while Android scattered in many brands of mobile phones world.


IOS interface is simpler than the two competitors. The form was not changed much since the first generation iPhone was launched in 2007. Indeed there is little extras like the addition of folders and notifications, but the point remains the same.

The front display shows all iOS icon for each application. You can arrange them in folders or search for using the Spotlight feature.

But the iPhone does not show update content in real time on the home display like the Android or Windows Phone, despite the notification and the notification center on each icon.

At the bottom will be plastered four applications that you use most often.

Applications and Content

To download the application you should buy it from the App Store now has more than 700,000 apps and games in it. Content such as music, movies, television shows, podcasts, books, and audiobooks purchased through the iTunes Store. You can also buy via digital outlets, such as Amazon, and then synchronize with your iPhone. The book can also be purchased directly through the iBook app.

Key Features

iPhone itself is a key feature iOS, not applications or other digital technologies such as Android or Windows Phone. The design is almost perfect, especially the durability and light weight for the iPhone 5 which makes the phone was a dream of millions of Apple fans around the world.

Siri, is another major feature of iOS. But for users in Indonesia, Siri may not be much help, because Siri has not “learned” Indonesian language. The service was newly available in 15 languages.


IOS operating system can only be used on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 6 is the most advanced version, which is now can found on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5. Cheapest mobile phone from Apple so far is the iPhone 4 is offered at a price of 450 U.S. dollars.

Who is iOS users?

iPhone with iOS suitable for those who want a phone that is simple, friendly interface for new users, and those who do not want to bother with the technical stuff.

How to Smart Play (Tain) Instagram

Right now who do not know Instagram, a photo sharing application. If you include people who have an account Intagram, here’s how to play smart application.

Sharing stories.

Not a photographic aesthetic interest to many people but that enshrined the story of your life through the medium of photographs.

Determine the theme and Upload.

If you are an outdoor activity enthusiasts, upload all sorts associated with outdoor activities and not others. That way your Instagram has more value and generic unimpressed.

Hashtag stingy.

Too generous giving # hashtag in each photo is not effective because it basically # no # no # people # who # cares.

Trying to Help.

Never pulled tagged someone in a photo of their own because it’s not important.

Follow solicitation.

Forbidden to ask someone for you to follow. If you tip over run well then people are happy to follow your Instagram without being asked.

Time Management.

You are not machines produce photo every second. It’s good to upload some photos of activities carried out periodically, rather than all at once in a minute. The trick? Upload, make a coffee, upload, nap, upload.

Kim DotCom Prepare Substitute Site MegaUpload

If the server Mega returning confiscated or hacked by anyone, files and data in it is not accessible at all.

Step Kim DotCom as lord and founder of MegaUpload seems difficult to be stopped by anyone.

A number of media and internet analyst is reporting that Kim DotCom has been preparing a new file sharing site that will be enforced his name Mega.

The new site, otherwise little different from MegaUpload. However, Kim DotCom as owners still give permission for users to upload, store, and share files.

Ease back, Kim DotCom has also prepared a ledge preventive in case the site is re-banned.

“Anyone who attacks or mess up Mega server, it will not mean anything because anything in stus will remain closed and locked,” he said.

Kim himself has described the workings of the site was being prepared. According to him, Mega will easily encrypt files or data users with a single step in a user’s browser display.

Encryption provides an opportunity for users to get a separate key to unlock all of the data of his own.

That is, if the server is back Mega confiscated or hacked by anyone, files and data in it is not accessible at all.

In addition, Kim also stated that Mega sites being prepared would not know what content is uploaded by users.

This means giving the Mega obligation to keep confidential any data or files users.

Tips repair your own computer

Computers are often problematic certainly very disturbing your busy day with work or just play using the computer.

Problems that occur on a computer is often assumed to be a problem we can not solve yourself, so you often bring the problematic computer to the service center.

When in fact there is some problem with the computer that we can handle alone. Here are some computer problems and how to fix it, as quoted from

PC Performance Slow

Computers are often used to over time will be slow. This occurs because the full program and more data is inserted into the computer.

However, if your computer is relatively new and it is slow, you can simply remove the pre-installed programs that are already installed on the computer.

In addition, you can use the PC Decrapifier can be downloaded via the internet to remove the junk on your computer. CCleaner is also useful for deleting important data related to the browsing history.

As for the use of the default Windows program, you can use the Defragment Files and cleaning to spruce up the data on your computer, so the computer becomes faster.

Blue Screen of Death

The screen turns blue with error message often appears when you’re busy using the computer. This issue is related to the memory module, where you can fix it by following the video tutorials are widely available on the internet about removing and installing memory modules.

Plague spyware

An advertising message appearing on your screen repeatedly, telling you to buy a security program. Things like this are common and interfere with your activities while using the computer.

If you frequently download activity, problems like this would happen more often. To overcome this you can simply install anti-spyware programs that are sold in the market, which is usually sold in conjunction with an anti-virus program.

SD card stuck in the CD / DVD slot

This problem is common among Mac users, where the location of the Sd slot adjacent to the CD / DVD slot. To overcome this quite easily, simply by cutting out cardboard shaped letter “L” and then insert it into the CD / DVD slot SD pulling out like fish.

Network problems

Often in the midst of your activity in the use of wireless internet connection, your network suddenly dies. To overcome this, simply reboot your PC or gadget, by unplugging for 30 seconds.

However, if your problem is that the signal is weak, you can make a signal booster to make their own satellite dish using canned.

Sound Quality Setting in iTunes

Although there are many audio applications and media that can be used to play music on your Mac, iTunes is still the most popular choice in the management of musical content.

iTunes offers the ease of controlling the sequence of music, create playlists, and play music, it also has a very useful feature, the sound quality setting facility.

To be able to adjust the sound quality, you need to activate the Sound Enhancer which can be accessed on the iTunes preferences, where there Playback window.

In the Playback tab there is a check box that says Sound Enhancer. Put a check in feature.

Sound settings can not only adjust the treble and bass sounds, but also change the channel for stereo quality sound.

In addition there is a rarely used feature of Mac users, the iTunes equalizer, serves as a regulator of the depth of sound frequencies that can raise the quality of the music.

Here are some explanations about the depth of sound frequencies as reported by

32Hz: Suitable for loud noises like the sound of beating drums.
64Hz: Bass voice rumbling like the sound of a gong.
125Hz: For low-noise bass instrument of any kind.
250Hz: To enhance the sound coming from the piano, guitar, cello, etc.,
500Hz: Heavy sounds like the singer Barry White and bass instruments.
1kHz: The frequency of the singer’s voice is quite influential.
2KHz: Most of the singer’s voice fit at this frequency.
4KHz: Suitable for melodic sounds such as guitar solos.
8KHz: Cymbal sound or the sound of an electric guitar strokes fit at this frequency.
16KHz: High voice that sometimes rupture can be handled with a depth of these frequencies.

How to Create Ringtones Through iTunes

Many people who do not want to buy a ring tone as their smartphone. But not a few who complained about the use of the song into ringtone is quite disturbing.

The most easy and free way to make ringtone for your iPhone is using iTunes as reported from, Sunday (28/04).

Here’s how to make a ringtone of your favorite song via the iTunes application.

1. Open the iTunes application.
Make sure your iTunes application is the latest version. If not, install it first.

2. Choose a Song.
Choose the song you want to be a ringtone. Select a ringtone precisely, because the ringtone will continue to sound for 30 seconds. You certainly do not want to interfere with the ringtone that you created yourself, right?

3. Determine Part Songs.
To remember parts of the song that you want to be a ringtone. If necessary, record the time part of the song. This will be very helpful in the process of cutting the song later.

4. Enter the Start and Stop Options.
Click on your left mouse button and then select “Get Info”. Upon entering the option window, tick the box Start and Stop. Then enter the time you want to be part of the song ringtone.

5. Create ACC version.
Push back your left mouse button on the same track then option “Create ACC Version”. Duplicate of the file will appear in the format of 30-second clips of song with the ACC format.

6. Copy File and Delete Old Files.
Copy file ACC version to your desktop. Then delete the old files in iTunes.

7. Change File Extension.
Go to the Desktop where your new ACC file. Then rename the file extension from “m4a” to “m4r”. For Windows users, the file extension can be set with the open the “Control Panel” then go to “Folder Options” and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types”.

8. Insert Files to iTunes.
Enter the file extension has been changed from the desktop into the iTunes. Then sync the ringtone that will fit into your iPhone.

How To Take Screenshots on BlackBerry 10


Screen sharing or screenshots into its own excitement for BlackBerry users. But how do I do this on theBlackBerry 10 platform?

Like on iOS and Android, BlackBerry 10 does not require an additional application for taking screenshots.

Quoted from CNET, Wednesday (10/4), you only have to press the Volume Up and Volume Down simultaneously for a few seconds.

After that it will sound like a shutter sound effect on the camera that indicates you’ve managed to take a screenshot.

Your screenshot will be stored on the Recents on the Picture application. Then you can share, edit, or delete them as you wish.

Easy, right?

Widescreen Monitor or Standard?


Various monitors with lots of different sizes in the market at affordable prices. However, sometimes you are confused in choosing the size of the computer monitor widescreen or standard size.

Here are some comparisons of the size widescreen computer monitor with a standard size that can help you as reported


Computer monitor size is calculated based on the length of the diagonal monitor. But do you know the size widescreen monitor and a standard monitor is not too much of a difference?

For example, a standard 19-inch monitor has a width of 15.2 inches and height of 11.4 inches, while the 19-inch widescreen monitor has a width of 16.56 inches and 9.32 inches tall. Even widescreen monitor that has a wider size look no longer than a standard monitor.


Widescreen as the monitor has a big size advantage for those who like to watch videos and play games.

In addition, the widescreen monitor has advantages for the work you need a wider screen, such as accountants who need a worksheet spans wider. Widescreen also be combined (multi-monitor) so that the display becomes larger.

Smaller size is very suitable placed on your desk size is limited.

Practical tips to be safer when surfing the internet



Given the importance to always be vigilant when surfing the internet, here are some practical tips from Microsoft Indonesia.

– Lock your computer and other accounts with strong passwords, as well as a unique four-digit PIN on the mobile phone.

– Do not do bill payments, bank transactions, shopping or other important business activities through the public computer, or from a laptop and a mobile phone through Wi-Fi networks that are open to the public (eg hotspots).

– Beware of the scouts. Various methods have been made to kiss the trail a password, PIN, user name or the like through typing finger or a touch on the screen when you enter data.

– Be careful with e-mail messages or suspicious. Avoid the various offers that seem excessive, and be aware of the sender, even if the message looks as if it came from a person or a reliable source.

– Watch for signs on the Web page indicating that the page is secure and reliable. Before entering sensitive data, check the instructions encryption (eg a web address with ‘https’ or a locked padlock logo in the bottom right corner of the site).

– Reduce the spam from the inbox. Do not give your primary e-mail or instant messaging to an unknown person or institution not known reputation. Avoid displaying data from social networking page, or Internet directories (such as white pages) or job site.

Know the Technology Wireless Charger


Increasingly sophisticated technology. Now charger technology created without cable. Wireless Charger technology names.

Another name Wireless Charger is Inductive Charging. This technology utilizes magnetic force to deliver power between the two objects.

The power distribution has a way of working together with the transformer or transformer. Electricity is converted into magnetic field on one coil. Then the magnetic field is converted back into electricity in the other coil.

But the difference between transformer with wireless induction charging is the media. At transormator, the magnetic field induced by the iron core media. Wireless Charger while using room air as the induction medium.

Wireless Charger will act as the first coil that converts electricity into a magnetic field. When the device that you want to fill the battery is placed near the Wireless Charger. The device is a second coil that converts the magnetic field back into electricity to charge the battery.

Tips on Buying a Second Hand iPhone

The presence of the iPhone 5 is certainly making the selling price of the underlying series has decreased slightly. For those of you who want to taste the iPhone but the funds are limited, buy second hand or used iPhone can be an option.

But be careful, do not be fooled by the low prices offered. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying a secondhand iPhone.

1. Check the authenticity of the iPhone, from the Serial Number and IMEI, physical condition, to the features offered. Do not forget to match and try out all the features of the iPhone are compatible with the official specification or not.

2. What is SU? SU is a Software Unlock, meaning that the iPhone is carrier-locked country of origin. To be able to use a SIM card from a local provider, you have to go through the process of unlocking. Little trouble indeed, but usually this kind of iPhones cheaper.

3. What is FU? FU is Factory Unlock, meaning that the iPhone can be directly used with any SIM card. Another advantage is the Push Notification will run better. If you have more money, buy more iPhones FU type recommended.

4. Check the condition of the screen if there are dead pixels or not. Imagine how much money you have to spend if the screen on your iPhone problems at a later date. Do not forget to remember that the iPhone screen is very sensitive and convenient to use. If not responsive, we can be sure the screen is broken or you buy a fake iPhone.

5. Try to press the Home button a few times. If it feels uncomfortable, immediately undo the intention to buy it because it is important to the function keys.

6. Check the camera, speaker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a few other standard features. Do not underestimate this because if one of these functions there is damage, you own a hassle.

7. There is no version of the iPhone that offer additional microSD external memory. iPhone only uses internal memory. If there is a microSD slot, we can be sure these items are replicas.

8. We recommend that you bring a laptop that is installed when buying the iPhone iTunes app mark. Connect the iPhone to the laptop. If detected by iTunes, it stands to reason the original iPhone.