Enjoying a Bit of Our Wealth While Staying Committed to Helping Family

When I was growing up my parents told me that I had caviar taste on a salmon egg income. I actually cannot stand the taste of caviar, but I did get their point. Instead of choosing the department store bicycle for my birthday that my parents wanted to buy me, I took a paper route to buy a real mountain bike. They put in the cost of the department store model, and I paid the rest. I learned to save, negotiate and work more for the things I wanted. Now I found myself going to Realtor.com Denver to pick out a home with my fiance. She has a great job and so do I. We are actually in business together and own a few convenience stores.

Though I always wanted better things when I was younger, it was not all about style or flash. I am more into substance than style. Sure, I dress the corporate executive part for our chain of stores, but I like things that are built as good as they look. I do not drive sports cars. Out here in Colorado I have a tough SUV for the winter snows. So does my wife. We both now provide for our parents and a few other family members too. We chose a home that I never thought as a child that would be able to afford. It had more digits and commas than I ever thought I would spend on a house. However, times and circumstances have changed.

My parents saw what the house was listed for. They cannot even wrap their brains around that kind of money. I showed my dad the construction quality of the home, and he began to understand. Mom was thrilled to see the place, but she was actually afraid for us in the commitment for the mortgage. My wife and I were actually paying a huge down payment putting us well above water with the home before the first payment was due. When the housewarming guests trickled out late in the evening, we toasted with some diet root beer, since we do not drink alcohol, to finally having arrived to the financial position we had worked so hard to attain. We looked around our home with its copper, granite, hardwoods and wide open spaces and were very thankful to be in it.