Getting a New Place Was Pretty Easy to Do

When I decided that I wanted to work overseas, I had put some thought into it, but I did not want to over think it. When I had the chance to apply for a position in China, I decided to go for it. When I got the position, I was a little stunned. I had no idea that I wold really get it, and thought that I would need to interview with several companies first. I soon found myself saying yes to the position and on a flight there. I found a place to live at Forest Woods before I even got there. This really helped me out.

I do not even speak the Chinese language, so I had to find a company that has a lot of people who are bilingual. Luckily, the company that I applied to work for has people who are very well educated, and come from a variety of different countries, so English is a staple there. Still, I knew that would not help me when it came to finding a place to live. I feared that I would really struggle due to a language barrier. So, I began looking for a flat long before I got there. I found the place that I am not renting with a simple web search. I made a call, and I was happy to see that the employees who rent places out all speak English. Renting a place turned out to be really easy to do.

My new unity is near the pool. I swam competitively in college, and I really miss it. So, I knew that it was going to be nice to be able to swim laps at night after work and on weekends. My place had a balcony, and I’m told that you can have a BBQ on your balcony. Being someone who lives in a state where there are a lot of restaurants that serve it, I knew that I would miss it if I couldn’t do it overseas.