Getting My Family to the Theater

When a friend of mine suggested that I look into a Platinum limo bus for a small family outing that I was planning, I said no at first. Thankfully, this friend is not the type to let something go when he thinks he is right. When he asked me why, I told him that I could not fill a bus like that. He told me that party buses come in so many different sizes, which was something that I did not know. I thought that a party bus was just the large buses that could hold about four dozen people or so.

While my family outing is large, it is not quite that large. I had 20 people who were going to attend a theater production that I was involved in, and I wanted them to all be able to travel together rather than in separate vehicles. I had been thinking of getting a stretch limo, but I was concerned about the elderly family members having a hard time getting in and out of it. That is when my friend suggested a party bus, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed.

The party bus that I ended up renting is just a basic party bus limo. It can hold up to 22 people, which was the perfect size for our group. I was able to look at pictures of the interior, and I was impressed that a smaller bus like this still had all of the great amenities that the larger buses have. Even better, the quote I was given was a lot lower than I expected it to be. My family really appreciated the comfortable ride to the theater, and they all told me that for my next production, they hope that I get them there in the same way!