How to Create Ringtones Through iTunes

Many people who do not want to buy a ring tone as their smartphone. But not a few who complained about the use of the song into ringtone is quite disturbing.

The most easy and free way to make ringtone for your iPhone is using iTunes as reported from, Sunday (28/04).

Here’s how to make a ringtone of your favorite song via the iTunes application.

1. Open the iTunes application.
Make sure your iTunes application is the latest version. If not, install it first.

2. Choose a Song.
Choose the song you want to be a ringtone. Select a ringtone precisely, because the ringtone will continue to sound for 30 seconds. You certainly do not want to interfere with the ringtone that you created yourself, right?

3. Determine Part Songs.
To remember parts of the song that you want to be a ringtone. If necessary, record the time part of the song. This will be very helpful in the process of cutting the song later.

4. Enter the Start and Stop Options.
Click on your left mouse button and then select “Get Info”. Upon entering the option window, tick the box Start and Stop. Then enter the time you want to be part of the song ringtone.

5. Create ACC version.
Push back your left mouse button on the same track then option “Create ACC Version”. Duplicate of the file will appear in the format of 30-second clips of song with the ACC format.

6. Copy File and Delete Old Files.
Copy file ACC version to your desktop. Then delete the old files in iTunes.

7. Change File Extension.
Go to the Desktop where your new ACC file. Then rename the file extension from “m4a” to “m4r”. For Windows users, the file extension can be set with the open the “Control Panel” then go to “Folder Options” and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types”.

8. Insert Files to iTunes.
Enter the file extension has been changed from the desktop into the iTunes. Then sync the ringtone that will fit into your iPhone.