WordPress Beginner Part3 — How to install WordPress

Then update the series of articles below, today mainly to demonstrate how to install WordPress, if you have mastered it, take a look at other articles. No friends, let’s take a look.

Pre-installation preparation

1. Download the latest version of WordPress (shown here as the official Chinese version of WordPress 3.5). After decompression, upload all the files in the WordPress folder to the root directory where your host space domain name is bound.

2. Create a new MySQL database (will not build, find information on your own online, or find your host business)

For example, here my domain name is demo.wpdaxue.info , and the new database information is as follows:

  • Database name: demosql
  • Database user name: demosql
  • Database password: demo123
  • Host: localhost (unspecified, usually localhost)

Install WordPress

1. Visit the domain name and the following interface appears. Click directly to create a configuration file.

2. [Start now]

3. Fill in your MySQL database information, it should be noted that, modify the “table prefix”, do not use the default wp_, [submit]

4 has been linked to the database, [to install]

5. Fill in the basic information of the site, it is recommended not to use the default user name admin, in addition to the best password is stronger, [Install WordPress]

6. The installation was successful

7. Log into the background using the username and password set above

8. The default WordPress background

9. The default home page

Supplementary explanation

In step 2, if there is no way to automatically create the configuration file wp-config.php , you can copy wp-config-sample.php from the WordPress root directory to rename it to wp-config.php

Then open the sample as shown in the figure below and upload it to the WordPress root directory

Then refresh the installation interface, you can enter the third step to continue the installation.


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