How to Smart Play (Tain) Instagram

Right now who do not know Instagram, a photo sharing application. If you include people who have an account Intagram, here’s how to play smart application.

Sharing stories.

Not a photographic aesthetic interest to many people but that enshrined the story of your life through the medium of photographs.

Determine the theme and Upload.

If you are an outdoor activity enthusiasts, upload all sorts associated with outdoor activities and not others. That way your Instagram has more value and generic unimpressed.

Hashtag stingy.

Too generous giving # hashtag in each photo is not effective because it basically # no # no # people # who # cares.

Trying to Help.

Never pulled tagged someone in a photo of their own because it’s not important.

Follow solicitation.

Forbidden to ask someone for you to follow. If you tip over run well then people are happy to follow your Instagram without being asked.

Time Management.

You are not machines produce photo every second. It’s good to upload some photos of activities carried out periodically, rather than all at once in a minute. The trick? Upload, make a coffee, upload, nap, upload.