I Have to Get Cataract Surgery

I have been having trouble with my vision for a long time and they kept telling me that it was not time for me to get the surgery until just recently. They started me on all of these eye drops and then they gave me the wrong type. I do not know how or why the pharmacy got it mixed up, but the guy who was giving them to me figured it out. The stuff was called careprost and he asked me if I had glaucoma. I told him that I was getting cataract surgery and they wanted me to do the eye drops before I got it and then after I did, all in a specific fashion. In fact I was wondering why they could not do both eyes in the same trip. I have to get up really early in the morning and then they say that it only takes less than half an hour. Luckily for me this guy caught the mistake and he managed to get me what I needed.

In fact it seems as though these people do this surgery on a virtual assembly line. There used to be another place here that had like a huge building for eye surgery. They would bus in patients from nursing homes and of course they want Medicare to pay for all of it and they will do it. This guy had a huge mansion on a golf course, but then something happened and the whole thing fell apart. My insurance is going to pay for most of the stuff, but of course I have to reach my deductible and I am going to be on the hook for a very nice piece of change. I am really looking forward to being able to see well, perhaps without getting glasses if it works ideally.