WordPress Beginner Part6 — Little-known background “small private”

WordPress background UI and layout is relatively good, for some careless WordPress novice, it is easy to ignore some of WordPress backstage “little private”, today, advocated Meng to lead everyone to “peep” about it, Remember not to shout, most people I do not tell him drops!

Privacy 1: Extensive “left navigation menu”

The navigation menu on the left side of the background provides links to all WordPress management pages. Just move the mouse over the menu item and the submenu can be displayed. You can also use the bottom “retract menu” arrow to close the menu, the menu item will be displayed as a small icon, and you also have a biggest management panel!

Privacy 2: The “show options” that are quite outrageous

For the introduction of the interface, WordPress hides some function modules by default. Do you know? In fact, you can use the “display options” to make them nothing! Of course, some nasty modules can also be shielded, the eye is not a net!

It should be noted that the function modules contained in the “display options” of different management pages are not the same, and we must be sure to click on them one by one!

Privacy 3: Variety of “functional modules”

Drag and drop freely

Want to rearrange the modules? Simply left-click on the module’s title bar and drag it to where you want it. Release the mouse after the gray dotted box appears, and you can adjust the position of the module!

Management module

Left-click on the module’s title bar to expand or contract the module!

There are oh, some modules are provided with additional configuration options drops! Move the mouse over the title bar. If you see the “Config” link, click on it and you can adjust the settings of this module!

Privacy 4: Helpful “Help”

Don’t know how to use WordPress admin panel? Find me “Help” MM! (Actually, people have already said hello in the previous picture)

You must remember: In different management pages, my “help” MM will show different “connotations”, be sure to have every management page!

Well, this is the end of the voyeuristic action, but WordPress has other privacy waiting for you to find, oh, wide-eyed, look around!


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