Making Summer Memories Around Our Custom Firepit

We wanted a luxurious outdoor space long before they became popular. One of our favorite things to do is to sit outside in the shade in the summertime. Our late evening times together with friends and neighbors is wonderful in June when the light in the sky is still there close to 10 pm. When the shadows grow long and the light fades, there is not much better than a custom firepit to gently light the night and to help keep the bugs away. We like the warmth of a firepit on the cool evenings, and they are just great to gather around and talk.

There is something primal about gathering around a fire. The attraction of it shows you that people have been doing that longer than they have been living in living rooms with electricity. What do you remember about camping? I remember gathering around the fire. Who has not attended a bonfire in their teenage years? I remember in my late teens staying in the woods along a trail where four wheel drive vehicles would roam to help keep watch on a friend’s broken down vehicle. We made a fire and stayed the night. It was warm and toasty until the fire waned in the middle of the night.

We are building fond memories around our custom firepit built into our deck. It is right in the middle, and we have a roof overhead. A specially constructed chimney vents the smoke and gases straight up. The radiant heat and light is what we enjoy, and we can even be out there when it is raining. The roof and expansive deck keeps us dry, and the fire keeps it warm. We make the most of our summer evenings. They really help me during the coldest and darkest days of winter.