Seeing Better with Dial Vision Glasses

I need glasses to see up close, but I cannot use bifocals at the computer. They make you have to tilt your head back to see, and that becomes extremely uncomfortable on my neck in a short period of time. I needed glasses that had the entire lens set to see what I was looking at. I want to give Dial Vision Glasses a try. They can be set to your prescription by turning a dial. It is pretty quick. I can go from the adjustment to see at a distance to the adjustment to see small text quickly. Plus, I can look out the entire lens to see the monitor. This makes them much nicer for me than just plain old bifocals.

When I broke my prescription glasses, the Dial Vision Glasses were a much less expensive replacement option. My eye insurance plan only covers new glasses once every two years, so this was a better solution for me to go with. I do like having the whole lens set to the magnification I need. This way I do not have to crane my neck back to look through bifocals to see what is on a screen or right in front of me. My father-in-law has trifocals, and they can be a real pain to use to look at a computer screen.

I like it better when the entire surface area of the lens is set to the correct magnification of what you happen to be looking at up close or far away. Much better than trying to read or see detail through the tiny spots of bifocals or trifocals. I decided to get several pairs of the Dial Vision Glasses. I got used to them and I like them. Maybe it all depends on what is exactly wrong with the eyes, but I think I found a favorite that will not have me needing to wait on getting new prescription eyeglasses.