Sleep Better with Talalay Latex Mattress

More and more people are talking about preferring to buy latex mattresses. More and more people are finding out the comfort of spring-less core mattresses.

Latex are softer and yet firm; and longer lasting. Many latex mattresses have lasted 20 years. With the right type, you can enjoy it even as long as 30 years.

Benefits of Latex Mattresses
1. hypo allergenic
2. mildew resistant
3. anti-microbial
4. dust mite resistant
5. optimal orthopedic support because latex conforms to body contours
6. cool to the body unlike urethane products because of its superior breathability
7. soft and firm – naturally springing back to its original form
8. no disturbing motion disturbance when your partner moves on his side of the bed
9. heat and moisture resistant
10. relieves the muscles and capillaries from pressure that suppresses proper blood flow and proper delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body

The question is “which one” among the different choices should you use?

Do you choose the natural latex mattress over the synthetic latex mattress? Which one provides more comfort? Which one is more durable? What is the difference between Talalay latex mattress and Dunlop latex mattress? Are they designer brands for quality mattresses?

Is Talalay Latex Mattress the best choice for you?

You have to be sure before you part with your hard-earned dollars. After all, it’s not only the money that we’re talking about here. It’s your health!

That is something more important than any property that you can have or own. Your body deserves the best.

To start off, we should first understand what latex is. Latex is foam that is basically divided into 3 types based on the material used:
1. Natural
2. Blended
3. Synthetic

Natural Latex

The natural latex comes from the sap of rubber tree. The milky white sap is collected and combined with water then whipped with air in. When molded, the air bubbles are trapped inside and thus, rubber foam is produced.

Blended Latex

Blended latex is simply a combination of the natural rubber sap and some chemicals to achieve the same cellular structure and product at a cost that is less than 100% natural latex. This is what’s predominantly sold in the market today to give the consumers the comfort and rest that they want while keeping the prices more affordable.

Because blended latex indeed has natural rubber as part of the raw material used, it is sometimes categorized under natural latex.

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic Latex or man-made latex is styrene butadiene rubber (SBR). This type of latex is made from chemicals and petroleum and exhibits the same cell structure as natural rubber latex.

Whether natural or synthetic, latex are further divided into 2 sub-types characterized by the process used for each:

1. Dunlop latex mattresses
2. Talalay latex mattresses

The Dunlop Process

This is also usually called the standard process. Dunlop is a manufacturing process which was originally used to blend natural rubber sap and synthetic chemicals together. Air bubbles are whipped into the blended liquid before the liquid is poured into the mold then gelling agent is added.

Because the liquid sets slowly, gravity affects it and settling of material occurs. This makes the finished product acquire an uneven consistency.

The same Dunlop process has eventually been used in making not only blended latex but 100% natural Dunlop latex as well; although this type of all natural latex has a limited quantity which is a very small portion of all the Dunlop latex that are sold in the market.

The Talalay Process

Talalay Latex follows the same basic standard process but added a few more steps. After the blended liquid is poured inside the mold, air is vacuumed out before adding more of the liquid material into the mold. After that, the material is blast frozen to prevent the material from settling, thus avoiding the consequence of having uneven consistency of the finished product.

Talalay latex is softer than Dunlop latex from top to bottom and has shown to be more resilient; bouncing back to its original form even after years of consistent compression.

What’s Available for you out in the Market?

Both Dunlop and Talalay latex mattresses are mostly blended latex. This is so in order to get the best characteristics out from both the natural rubber and synthetic chemicals. This also makes your mattresses more affordable on the pocket.

A small portion of what’s available in the market today sells all natural Dunlop latex.

And an even smaller but fast growing quantity are the all natural Talalay latex that are sold in the shops. This is so because around the world, only 2 companies manufacture all natural Talalay latex — Dunlopillo in England and Latex International in USA.

Choosing The Right Mattress

In buying the right mattress, you are not limited to choosing Talalay or Dunlop; or synthetic, all natural or blended. There’s more than meets the eye.

A mattress can be made using pure talalay, pure Dunlop, or mixed of both. Mattresses can have fillers too. And what about memory foam mattresses? Are they made of latex too? Just to give you a heads up, memory foam mattresses are NOT made of latex and lack the breathability of latex.

Is it possible to buy all natural Talalay latex mattresses? The answer is YES. Can you afford it? If rest and health are important to you, the answer should be yes.

If budget is a constraint, can you buy blended Talalay latex mattress? Or if you want the softness and consistency of a Talalay latex mattress but cannot afford to buy the size of a whole mattress, here is a more budget-conscious tip:

Buy a blended Dunlop latex mattress for its firmer quality and a Talalay latex mattress topper of 2 or 3 inches. This way, you have a stronger base and still enjoy the softness and less resistant Talalay latex mattress.

Ask the mattress seller to sell you one that has no filler and perimeter support called racetracking. This perimeter support usually uses cheap polyurethane material which gives firmer edges, taking up 20% of the sleeping surface, which means that you will have less sleeping area unless you will be comfortable sleeping in the more resistant edge.

Now that you know better, you will be able to ask the right questions; buy the best mattress that suits your back pain and get the value for your money and body.