Some learning methods about WordPress

First of all, WordPress is a foreign open source CMS.
It is some powerful, strong to I do not know how to describe it. It can almost complete all the types of websites you think of. This is no exaggeration, our team has used it to complete a single 6-digit project.
It’s some mighty, powerful and we do not know how to get close to it, familiar with it, learn and apply it. I have also light up the night war, Bing lamp candle. At the end, little success.
Below, I come to sum up my way to learn WordPress, I hope you can help, even if it is a little bit of guidance, but also excellent.
WordPress is a foreign CMS, there are almost all of its website abroad, I list a few I often go to the site.
Official website: https: //
Here on the latest information on the WordPress, the latest version of the program is also on the top of the starting.
Official documentation: https: //
Here on the side of WordPress latest, most accurate, the most complete, authentic description. Prior to this, this document is in Chinese version, but more than why, recently seems to have been canceled.
But I still recommend to see the original English, because it is the most accurate.
Official code reference: https: //
Here are examples of WordPress function, description, very detailed.
Take our most commonly used add_action function, its description is very detailed. Its address is: https: //
Here is a detailed description of the add_action function which parameters accepted, what is the type of parameters, what is the value of the return, which is the source of which documents, the first few lines. In the inside have a detailed description.
If you want to learn WordPress in depth, it is recommended that you look at this site, then you will find some wonderful things.
Official forum: https: //
Forums from the installation of the program to the plug-in development, from the theme template to a variety of troubleshooting has a very detailed partition. And this forum is very active.
PHP official website:
WordPress is based on the PHP language to develop, there is a better PHP basis to understand WordPress code, otherwise it is tantamount to look at the book.
Finally, I want to introduce you to a black technology! Technology! Technology! The is you are not wrong. Baidu localization, although doing a good job, but in the search for technical articles or when the difference is hundreds of kilometers. I found out all the reprint is not much to say ok! The The
It is very difficult for us to find a solution to the problem directly through the documentation before we have any problems before we are in contact with the problem.
At this time, we have to make use of the search. You may have problems before you have and you encounter the same problem people, they may be published on the Internet for help, may also have left a solution. Even if these are not, the search engine can also give you a solution to the problem.
Well, today, first wrote here, there is time to share with you to learn the method.
Yes, the top of the site may be due to some reasons can not be accessed, here to recommend a tool to the wall. Ladder VIP address is: https: //, everyone to buy their own use.