WordPress Beginner Part8 — New page and management page

WordPress pages and articles are similar, but also a content publishing function, but they are different, the following advocate Meng Meng briefly introduce. Open background – page – New page, you can see the following interface:

The similarities and differences between pages and articles

Pages and articles are similar — they all have titles, text, and related information. However, pages that are similar to permanent ones are often not faded out of sight as time goes by, as in general blog posts. Pages cannot be categorized or labeled, but they can have hierarchical relationships. You can attach pages under another page.

The method of creating a new page and writing an article is very similar, and the following interface can also be customized by the same method (dragging sorting, “display options” tab, and expanding and retracting modules). This page also supports a full-screen writing interface. The full-screen writing interface supports the “visual” and “text” modes. The page editor and article editor are also similar, except that some of the options in the “Page Attributes” module are slightly different:

Parents – You can organize your pages in a hierarchical manner. For example, you can create an “About” page with subordinates of “Life” and “My Pet.” There is no limit to the depth of the hierarchy.

Templates – Some themes have custom templates that you can use on pages where you want to add new features or custom layouts. If so, you can see it in the drop-down menu.

Sorting – Pages are sorted alphabetically by default. You can also customize the order of the pages by assigning a number to the page (1 for the first, 2 for the second…) (this is rarely used since WordPress 3.0 introduces custom menu functionality).

Pages are often used to create separate content, such as: About Us, Links, Advertising Collaboration, Contributions Pages…

Create a new page

Other modules and functions of the page publishing interface are basically the same as the article publishing page. Please read “Publish new articles and management articles.”

Management page

Open background – page – all pages, you can view all the pages that have been created:

1. You can click the “Display Options” in the upper right corner to set the items to be displayed and the number of pages per page

2. You can batch select pages, and then perform some batch operations, such as bulk move to the recycle bin

3. Move the mouse to the title of the page and the function menu “Edit, Quick Edit, Move to Recycle Bin, View” will be displayed. If you only want to edit the properties of some pages, you can use “Quick Edit” directly; Modify the content of the page, then use “edit”.


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