Use Postie to post articles to WordPress via email

I believe many of my friends do not know that we can actually post articles to WordPress via email. In the Dashboard- settings – compose interface, you can see the setting options:

But today’s protagonist is not this, but Postie, it is very powerful to extend the function of mail posting. Postie provides many advanced features for creating articles by mail, including assigning categories by name, including pictures and videos, and automatically stripping signatures. Supports IMAP and POP3, as well as SSL communication.

Postie main features:

  • Supports IMAP or POP3 servers
  • Supports SSL and TLS
  • Control who can publish via email
  • Set the category, status, article format, article type and label defaults
  • Set title, category, status, article format, article type, date, comment control, and email to override default tags
  • Specify article summary (including excerpts only for images)
  • Use an HTML version of plain text or email
  • Remove email headers and footers (useful for posting from mailing lists)
  • Optionally send email when article posting is successful/failure
  • Can be set by adding the file name (wildcard support) and MIME type file type
  • Optionally make the first image as a featured image
  • Gallery support
  • Plain text email controls image position
  • Set image templates, video templates, audio templates, and other attachment templates as needed
  • E-mail Reply Become a Comment
  • Developers can also handle emails based on hooks

Search for Postie in the background plug-in installation interface and install it online, or manually after downloading Postie.