Use Download Info Page for WordPress to add download transfer page

Seeing that some WordPress software stations have a download relay page, is it cool? Actually using the Download Info Page plug-in can be implemented.

Download Info Page Introduction

The Download Info Page plug-in allows the webmaster to fill in the resource’s file name, download address, download password (generally a share password for the web disk), file version, file format, file size, etc. when writing the resource class article.

When you complete the article after completing the resource information, the plug-in will create a download button at the bottom of the article. The reader clicks the download button will automatically jump to the download page generated by the plug-in for the resource.

Before using the Download Info Page plug-in, you first need to “WordPress background – plug-ins – installed plug-ins”, find the plug-in Download Info Page, click Start; then click “Settings” or through “WordPress Background – Plug-in – DIP Settings” Plug-in configuration:

  1. Basic settings: Used to set the domain name address of the relay page. If not, the default domain name address is the same as that of the blog. You can also use the second level domain name or other domain name address of the blog address. You need to log in to the domain name management to resolve to the blog host IP address.
  2. Relay page ad settings: The transit page has a total of four ad slots, which can be inserted into the Google ad network ads Google AdSense, Baidu Union, Ali mother advertising alliance website ad code. Note that be sure to insert the ad and set the interface description of the ad size, otherwise there will be transfer page layout misplaced, ad code insertion please read the corresponding help article.
  3. Advanced settings: Including transit page related article code settings (recommended to use Baidu recommendation), transit page data statistics code, custom article page download information section CSS style, custom article page download information section template html template, custom transit page CSS style and Customize the relay page JS code. Note that advanced settings require the user to have a certain understanding of the web page code, please read the help of the setup interface carefully before setting.

The main purpose of the plug-in is to (1) facilitate the webmaster to manage the downloaded resource information in more detail; (2) to increase the resource revenue of the resource blog (the ad space of the relay page is optimized, which can effectively improve the conversion of the advertising space. Rate and click rate)

Download Info Page Download

You can search for Download Info Page on the control panel plug-in installation interface to install online