Widescreen Monitor or Standard?


Various monitors with lots of different sizes in the market at affordable prices. However, sometimes you are confused in choosing the size of the computer monitor widescreen or standard size.

Here are some comparisons of the size widescreen computer monitor with a standard size that can help you as reported eHow.com.


Computer monitor size is calculated based on the length of the diagonal monitor. But do you know the size widescreen monitor and a standard monitor is not too much of a difference?

For example, a standard 19-inch monitor has a width of 15.2 inches and height of 11.4 inches, while the 19-inch widescreen monitor has a width of 16.56 inches and 9.32 inches tall. Even widescreen monitor that has a wider size look no longer than a standard monitor.


Widescreen as the monitor has a big size advantage for those who like to watch videos and play games.

In addition, the widescreen monitor has advantages for the work you need a wider screen, such as accountants who need a worksheet spans wider. Widescreen also be combined (multi-monitor) so that the display becomes larger.

Smaller size is very suitable placed on your desk size is limited.