Simple and atmospheric responsive blog theme Dobby

Dobby is a free, open-source, self-adaptive theme that he can access with a friendly experience from any browser. Dobby upholds the characteristics of concentrating on writing and reading. The simple and generous structure of the homepage allows blogs to stand out in a cluttered environment. The Dobby theme has a powerful theme background control platform built in. It can easily set keywords and site descriptions, custom top styles, powerful bottom social components, and beautiful blog subscription features to make your website more distinctive. More pages with styles waiting for you to discover!

Theme features

  • Responsive design, perfect display on computer, tablet and mobile phone
  • Custom header picture
  • Built-in picture carousel
  • Footer socialization gadget
  • Built-in multiple ad bar gadgets
  • Powerful background customization
  • Custom theme color
  • Supports WordPress 3.5+, and supports the latest WordPress 4.9

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Very powerful free magazine CMS theme ionMag

Previously recommended a number of free WordPress magazine CMS topics, but today’s recommended ionMag can be said to be the most powerful. Take a look at some of its features:

Fully responsive layout – perfect for mobile, tablet and computer interfaces

Visual front-end page generator – you can set the layout of the page, content module, etc. in the case of visualization:


Multiple header styles – Multiple different page styles built in


Multiple Featured Gadgets – Social Media Statistics Gadgets, Author Box Gadgets, Advertising Gadgets, etc.

Powerful theme settings panel – an intuitive interface that allows you to set all the features of the theme and customize the site without having to modify any code.


Diversified slider carousels – you can choose your favorite slider to show what you need


Diverse Content Modules – Multiple styles of content modules are built in, different content can be set to display, etc.


Beautiful mobile phone menu – Mobile registration and login have never been easier. You don’t need a plugin. We have added an engaging and customizable mobile menu that includes a user-friendly registration and login interface. Now is the time to change the way users experience your site!


OK, talk so much so let’s take a look at the complete preview:


I believe this theme is enough to attract you!

ionMag theme online demo:

ionMag theme download: | Click to download theme package directly (possibly old version)


WordPress Free Magazine Theme GreatMag

GreatMag is a modern magazine theme with a responsive layout that displays well on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. GreatMag provides a large number of custom tools, color options, Google font controls, and more, and is compatible with the free page generator plug-in Page Builder by SiteOrigin, so that you can easily customize the site, quickly build a great news site, and even A simple blog. Of course, GreatMag also supports localized translations. You can make Chinese language packages yourself.


GreatMag theme online preview:

GreatMag theme download: (click the Download button on the page, fill in the e-mail address to download)

GreatMag theme document: (may need F Q to view)

The GreatMag theme also has a paid version of a single site for $49, which you can purchase on your own:

Free blog/magazine theme: Read More

Read More is a free WordPress blog/magazine theme. The design is very atmospheric and responsive. It can be displayed well on mobile phones, tablets and computers, and is very friendly to SEO. Read More has very flexible setup options, custom widgets, special slides, social links, Logo settings, sidebar options, footer options, top menus, and more. In addition, Read More is also compatible with the popular WooCommerce store plugin!

Read More Theme Online Demo:

Read More Theme Download:

Read More Topic Document:

Read More There are also paid versions, more powerful, if necessary, please purchase:


Free News Magazine Theme: Numinous

Numinous is a clean magazine-style WordPress theme for news, magazines, food, technology, and technology content sites. Numinous theme adopts responsive layout design, perfect support for mobile phone, tablet and computer display. It has a clean layout, atmospheric layout, a good user experience and SEO optimization, you can also customize the appearance – custom settings, fast Build your site.

  • Thematic presentation:
  • The official release and download: (click on the green DOWNLOAD NOW button on the page, enter the e-mail address and other information, click on the download)
  • Topic help documentation:

WordPress Beginner Part10 — Install themes and plugins

The power of WordPress is, to a large extent, due to its good extension and numerous themes and plug-in support. Today, Meng Meng will briefly introduce WordPress installation theme and plug-in methods.

WordPress installation theme

WordPress can be installed via 3 common installation methods

Method One: Online Search Installation

Access Background – Appearance – Themes – Install Themes, Enter Subject Keywords, Search

Browse search results for installation

Note: The topics that are searched here are the themes that the theme author submitted to the WordPress theme library. Experience tells us that for domestic users, it is difficult to quickly find the theme we want here, so it is generally not recommended unless you want to The theme has already been submitted to the theme library.

Method two: upload the theme file to install online

This is a more versatile method, provided that the theme package must be packaged in .zip format. In the background – Appearance – Themes – Install Topics – Upload, select the theme package, then install

Successful installation is as follows

Method 3: Upload Topics via FTP

If you can’t install the theme by the above method, you can connect to the host space via FTP, then go to the /wp-content/theme directory of the website and upload the locally unzipped theme file here.

Enable and manage topics

After installing the theme, visit the background – Appearance – theme, you can see the theme just installed, you can view the “Details”, “Preview” or “Enabled” theme. If you want to change the theme, you can also enable new topics here.

After you enable the theme, you may need to further set the theme. Different topics require different settings, so this is not demonstrated here.

WordPress Install Plugin

Installing plug-ins is similar to installing themes, but there are also 3 commonly used methods:

Method One: Online Search Installation

Access background – plugins – install plugins, enter keyword search

Browse search results for installation

Note: It is generally recommended to install plug-ins that have been submitted to the WordPress plug-in library, and it has been recently updated (it is recommended not to install plug-ins that have not been updated for more than 2 years)

Method two: Upload and install plugins online

Access Background – Plugins – Install Plugins – Upload, select the plugin package in native .zip format

Method 3: Upload and Install Through FTP

If there is no way to install through the above method, you can connect to the host space via FTP, extract the created package, and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins directory:

Enable and manage plugins

After the plug-in is installed, access the background – plug-ins – installed plug-ins, you can enable the plug-in

You can also disable disabled plugins here

Note: Some plug-ins need to be set up after the relevant settings, each plug-in settings options are not the same, this is not demonstrated.

Well, the above is the basic operation of installing WordPress themes and plug-ins. Have you learned?


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