Practical tips to be safer when surfing the internet



Given the importance to always be vigilant when surfing the internet, here are some practical tips from Microsoft Indonesia.

– Lock your computer and other accounts with strong passwords, as well as a unique four-digit PIN on the mobile phone.

– Do not do bill payments, bank transactions, shopping or other important business activities through the public computer, or from a laptop and a mobile phone through Wi-Fi networks that are open to the public (eg hotspots).

– Beware of the scouts. Various methods have been made to kiss the trail a password, PIN, user name or the like through typing finger or a touch on the screen when you enter data.

– Be careful with e-mail messages or suspicious. Avoid the various offers that seem excessive, and be aware of the sender, even if the message looks as if it came from a person or a reliable source.

– Watch for signs on the Web page indicating that the page is secure and reliable. Before entering sensitive data, check the instructions encryption (eg a web address with ‘https’ or a locked padlock logo in the bottom right corner of the site).

– Reduce the spam from the inbox. Do not give your primary e-mail or instant messaging to an unknown person or institution not known reputation. Avoid displaying data from social networking page, or Internet directories (such as white pages) or job site.

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