Know the Technology Wireless Charger


Increasingly sophisticated technology. Now charger technology created without cable. Wireless ChargerĀ technology names.

Another name Wireless Charger is Inductive Charging. This technology utilizes magnetic force to deliver power between the two objects.

The power distribution has a way of working together with the transformer or transformer. Electricity is converted into magnetic field on one coil. Then the magnetic field is converted back into electricity in the other coil.

But the difference between transformer with wireless induction charging is the media. At transormator, the magnetic field induced by the iron core media. Wireless Charger while using room air as the induction medium.

Wireless Charger will act as the first coil that converts electricity into a magnetic field. When the device that you want to fill the battery is placed near the Wireless Charger. The device is a second coil that converts the magnetic field back into electricity to charge the battery.