The Boss Finally Got Caught

Of course it is not like I did not know all about this, or at least the basic facts of the situation. For at least a year, the boss has been fooling around with a brunette half his age or maybe less. She drives up to the office regularly and picks him up. Of course it was only a matter of time before the wife found out, especially since he was doing almost nothing to be discreet about it. I got the call from a divorce lawyer named Eric M. Willie, P.C. to give a disposition, which seems like a really bad idea for me, aside for one fact. The boss is the boss, but only because his wife’s family says that he is. In fact they are going to fire him as soon as they can do it without getting sued too harshly. They are looking to see if anyone who is already here has what it takes to sit in the big chair on the fifth floor.

I can not really complain, because it seems pretty likely that I am going to be one of the winners when the dust settles. My department head is the guy who makes the most sense and he has a huge advantage in that he is also married into the family. It would not surprise me if he were the one who squealed on the boss, but that is not my business really. If he moves up the ladder, then I will as well and Mr Webb is going to retire in a few months, so they should start grooming me to be the department head unless they have a different idea. Either way I am going to get a nice raise and a company car too. That is pretty much set in stone.