Tips repair your own computer

Computers are often problematic certainly very disturbing your busy day with work or just play using the computer.

Problems that occur on a computer is often assumed to be a problem we can not solve yourself, so you often bring the problematic computer to the service center.

When in fact there is some problem with the computer that we can handle alone. Here are some computer problems and how to fix it, as quoted from

PC Performance Slow

Computers are often used to over time will be slow. This occurs because the full program and more data is inserted into the computer.

However, if your computer is relatively new and it is slow, you can simply remove the pre-installed programs that are already installed on the computer.

In addition, you can use the PC Decrapifier can be downloaded via the internet to remove the junk on your computer. CCleaner is also useful for deleting important data related to the browsing history.

As for the use of the default Windows program, you can use the Defragment Files and cleaning to spruce up the data on your computer, so the computer becomes faster.

Blue Screen of Death

The screen turns blue with error message often appears when you’re busy using the computer. This issue is related to the memory module, where you can fix it by following the video tutorials are widely available on the internet about removing and installing memory modules.

Plague spyware

An advertising message appearing on your screen repeatedly, telling you to buy a security program. Things like this are common and interfere with your activities while using the computer.

If you frequently download activity, problems like this would happen more often. To overcome this you can simply install anti-spyware programs that are sold in the market, which is usually sold in conjunction with an anti-virus program.

SD card stuck in the CD / DVD slot

This problem is common among Mac users, where the location of the Sd slot adjacent to the CD / DVD slot. To overcome this quite easily, simply by cutting out cardboard shaped letter “L” and then insert it into the CD / DVD slot SD pulling out like fish.

Network problems

Often in the midst of your activity in the use of wireless internet connection, your network suddenly dies. To overcome this, simply reboot your PC or gadget, by unplugging for 30 seconds.

However, if your problem is that the signal is weak, you can make a signal booster to make their own satellite dish using canned.