We Needed to Make Big Changes to Our Life

You never know where life is going to take you. When my husband and I first married, we dead set on focusing on our careers and getting ahead in life. We both thought we would always be like that. But after about 15 years of that, we both found ourselves wanting to wind down just a bit. We began realizing that we had missed out on a lot in life, and life is short. We started traveling a bit more, learning how to cook gourmet meals and even using sex toys for the fun of it. My favorite thing is the fact that we have both started reading books more often.

Relaxation is something that both of us put on the back burner for far too long. Yes, it is true that we have saved a lot, invested a lot and have quite a bit of money at our disposal now. But we made so much money that it began to feel a bit ridiculous that we never went anywhere or tried anything new with the money that we were making. We both saw that life was going to continue to spin past us while we had our heads down and working all the time. If we didn’t slow down a bit, we could have easily found ourselves in our senior years having seen and done little outside of work. That is not how either one of us wanted to go out of this world.

My husband mentioned last week that he’d read his last book, and he wanted to go to the bookstore. He invited me to go with him. We ate our breakfast, and then walked hand in hand to the bookstore. Once there, we spent a few hours on a Sunday afternoon going through the books at our leisure. It was really quite nice, and it’s not something that we would have spent time on in the past.