Wedding Plannning on a Budget

Since my wife and I were able to get our wedding invitations from B&G Direct, we were able to save a ton of money on the wedding. The other places that we looked at were charging an arm and a leg for their invitations, and we weren’t going to take it. A lot of people like to spend a lot of money on their wedding, and in the process, they go broke while doing it. My wife and I decided that we wopuldn’t fall into that trap and wanted to make sure that we stayed under a particular budget, so we could put that money to other things in the future. I thing that frugal nature is part of the reason why I married my wife.

We also saved some money on the wedding cake by making our own. I make a pretty good cake using a recipe that I found from a television show. This cake recipe is easy enough for anyone to follow, and it tastes like one of the best cakes that anyone has ever had. My wife is good at decorating cakes, much better than me in fact. She took a class one that taught her how to decorate just like the professionals, so she can make all kinds of crazy designs just by using some frosting and a bag with some attachments. By the time the cake was done being decorated, it looked like one of the ones that the pro chefs had made.

When our friends found out just how much we spent on the wedding, they had no idea how we were able top pull it off. We made it look like an expensive wedding, but in reality it was as affordable as a cheap one. They wanted us to help them plan their weddings.