WordPress Beginner Part2 — What are the conditions for building a WordPress site?

The first class of WordPress started with a brief introduction of WordPress. It is an open source, free website building program developed using PHP language and MySQL database. Then building a WordPress site requires a host space capable of running PHP language and a MySQL database.

Maybe some friends will ask, what is the host space, what is the MySQL database, what exactly do they use? Following Meng advocates to use their own words to briefly talk about it.

What is host space? What do you use?

Host space is responsible for two of the most basic functions: storing files on the site, and providing the environment in which the site runs. The host space mentioned here is actually a server that is connected to the public network. It is basically running for 24 hours. The hard disk of the server can store website files. Installing a system and environment in the server can run the website.

The common host space on the market is Windows host and Linux host:

The Windows host, as its name suggests, is a server version of Windows installed on the server, such as windows2003. This kind of host, generally uses its own IIS to configure the environment where the website runs. Windows host, often called the all-round host in the market, supports ASP, PHP and other language-building program. Of course, the MySQL database environment is generally installed.

Note: Internet Information Services (IIS, Internet Information Services) is an Internet based service running Microsoft Windows provided by Microsoft Corporation.

Linux host, the host with the Linux kernel system installed. This kind of mainframe generally installs Apache, MySQL, and PHP three components to set up the website environment. Linux hosts do not support languages ​​such as ASP. Usually, they only support PHP language programs.


Choose a Windows host or a Linux host?

The main difference between the Windows host and the Linux host was described earlier in the supported language environment. The former supports more languages, and the latter usually supports only the PHP language. Many friends who have just come into contact with the site may not hesitate to choose Windows as the “all-powerful host”. However, as someone who has come forward, Seng Meng is more recommended to use Linux hosting to build WordPress. why?

Practice has proved that the Linux host’s PHP environment is more conducive to efficient operation of WordPress and other PHP programs, such as support for pseudo-static, support for Chinese links, support for other functions required by WordPress more perfect, run more smoothly.

If you are using a Windows host, you will find that running WordPress feels slower and usually does not perfectly support pseudo-statics. If there are Chinese in the URL, then there will be a 404 error. Sometimes there is no way to use some plugins… although some The problem can be solved by modifying the configuration, but for a novice, there is almost no way to toss!

Therefore, to use WordPress, choosing a Linux host is the right way! !

By the way, due to the fact that Windows hosts need to purchase Microsoft copyright, the cost is relatively high. Generally, there are fewer foreign Windows hosts and they are very expensive. Therefore, advocated Meng recommend that you use the PHP program to build the station, try not to use the ASP language, or you can only buy the windows host in the country, and the domestic host must be filed, if you are not afraid of tossing, then when I did not say anything.


What is a MySQL database? What do you use?

MySQL database is usually used to store the data information of the PHP program, such as WordPress some configuration information, article data, etc. are stored in the MySQL database. Usually, we need to use phpMyadmin to operate on the MySQL database, so the general host is installed phpMyadmin program.


How many space and database do you need to build WordPress?

In general, the host space has three choices: Web Hosting -> VPS -> Server. For beginners or personal bloggers, Meng Meng recommends that you purchase the virtual host first. Since the initial period (in a year), the traffic to your site will not be very high. Big, a 200M virtual host is enough for an ordinary blog to use for more than a year.

Buy Linux host, there is usually a parameter, that is, the monthly traffic, if the blog with a small map, the daily traffic is within 300 IP, generally 6-10GB a month of traffic on it. The Linux host’s MySQL database is generally used with the host space, which means that the size of the MySQL database is already included in the virtual host and does not need to be purchased separately. Usually within one year, the size of a blog’s MySQL database will not reach 10M.

So, in the early days of building a blog, you can buy a 200-Mbyte Linux host with a monthly capacity of 6-10G. The price of such a foreign host is generally between 80-200 Yuan/year. Together with a domain name of 60 yuan, generally 150-200 yuan can build your independent blog it!

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