What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blog platform developed using PHP language, users can support PHP and MySQL database server to set up their own website. WordPress can also be used as a content management system (CMS) to use. WordPress is a free open source project licensed under the GNU General Public License. WordPress is one of the world’s best free personal blogs, with downloads breaking 8,890,000 (see WordPress Download Counter for detailed data).

WordPress is a personal information publishing platform that focuses on aesthetics, ease of use and web standards. WordPress is a free open source software, but its value can not be measured by money.

WordPress can be used to build a powerful network information publishing platform, but more is used in personalized blog. For blog applications, WordPress allows you to worry about the background technology, focus on doing the contents of the site.

WordPress Features

1. Visual article editor
2. Easy to use template system
3. Unified link management function
4. PermaLink system optimized for search engines
5. Support the use of expansion of its function plug-ins, plug-in is very rich
6. For the article can be nested classification, the same article can also belong to multiple categories
7.TrackBack and Pingback functions
8. Can produce the appropriate text format and style of the layout filter
9. Generate and use functions of static pages
10. Many authors write the function
11. You can save a list of users who have visited your blog
12. Access to users from a certain IP segment can be disabled
13. Support the use of labels (Tags)