WordPress 3.3 Background function failure solution

With the release of the official version of WordPress 3.3, many of the fans are the first time to upgrade the program to the latest version, but soon found that some of the “background” features of the theme (including HotNews theme) set the background before the failure.
WordPress as early as 2.8 version to increase the custom background body_class () function, until the 3.0 version of the default theme has been added in the “background” function, with this feature is not a lot of themes, most of the theme designers may feel this feature There is no need to increase the database query, but the body_class () function of the original intention, not to simply replace the entire site of all the pages of the background, but to facilitate the flexibility of the design staff control Different pages of the elements of the style, the truth is not to say, the following talk about the specific solution:
Program a WordPress version 3.3 in the program wp-includes directory theme.php add a custom-background label, which is caused by the “background” function failure problem, open the theme.php program file, found in line 1797:
body.custom-background {<? php echo trim ($ style);?>}
Delete one of the .custom-background changes to:
body {<? php echo trim ($ style);?>}
This method is suitable for all previous support “background” feature of the theme, but need to modify the program file, I do not recommend using.
Option 2 This is the standard solution to the problem, open the default theme Twenty Eleven the header.php template, you will find one sentence:
<body <? php body_class ();
Instead of the normal <body> tag, which is the key, replace the above code with the body of the header.php template <body> tag you can use.
Three programs
<body class = “custom-background”>
Replace the header.php template <body> tag, do not let it add extra tags, this method is convenient and practical, suitable for all themes.