WordPress Beginner Part4 — WordPress basic settings

As mentioned earlier, how to install WordPress, then we need to quickly familiarize ourselves with WordPress and perform some necessary basic settings.

Before starting the setup, it is recommended that you first click on each of the options in the left menu bar to see what exactly you are doing. Let’s start with some of the most basic settings that a new WordPress site should perform.

First, set up personal data

It is recommended that you improve your basic information, because some WordPress themes will call the information here.

Open Users – My Profile:

It should be noted that it is recommended to fill in the nickname, and then set the [publicly displayed as] to select other than the login user name, the content here will be displayed in the front of the site, if you directly use the login user name, there is a security risk .

Second, set the site’s general options

Open Settings – General:

It’s simple, just note that generally you don’t want to change your WordPress address and site address unless you change your domain name.

Third, modify the fixed link

Almost every website system allows you to set the website’s permalink style. WordPress is no exception.

Open Settings – Fixed Links:

The setting of the fixed link is very important. After the website is online, don’t modify it any more. Otherwise, it will not only affect the inclusion, but also cause the search engine to directly stop!

Set up a fixed link, advocate Meng think it is necessary to meet the “level simple” principle. Generally do not use the first “default” style, do not recommend 2, 3, 4 kinds. At present, more people use the following kinds:

  • 1 The custom structure is /%post_id% (it ends directly with the article ID) and the result is similar to http://demo.wpdaxue.info/321
  • 2 The custom structure is /%post_id%.html (ID.html) and the display result is similar to http://demo.wpdaxue.info/321.html
  • 3 Select the fifth “article name” is /%postname%/ (behind the slant / can not), the result is similar to http://demo.wpdaxue.info/ article title /
  • 4 The custom structure is /%postname%.html and the result is similar to http://demo.wpdaxue.info/ Article Title.html

Among them, 1 and 2 are very short and are automatically generated, but some people care about the fact that the article ID is not continuous. For example, the first article has an id of 3, and the second article actually has a score of 13, which is marked by WordPress itself. Caused by reasons such as preservation;

3 and 4 are directly linked to the title of the article. The semantics are clear. When someone looks at the link, they will probably know what this article is about and it is also good for SEO. For English and other language systems, this is very convenient, but the Chinese title can be used as a link. Chinese characters may appear as long garbled characters, or they may cause links to fail to open. For this situation, you can install plug-ins that are automatically translated into pinyin or English, but if the title of the article is very long, the translated link is also very long, so you can manually delete it when you publish the article, or simply advocate it. Similarly, do not install the translation plug-in and fill it in manually.

In general, the hierarchical structure is simple and convenient for you to operate. It is important to remember that after the website is online, don’t modify the fixed link style easily!

Fourth, set the reading

Open Settings – Read

You can simply set the number of articles displayed on the next page (different theme settings may not be possible), and you can also set whether or not to include search engines.

Five, images and upload settings

Open Settings – Multimedia:

By default, each uploaded picture will generate the above-mentioned several kinds of pictures (see the figure in the text description), if you do not need to generate a variety of specifications to occupy space, you can set all to zero, save it.

Of course, this is a global setting. If some themes define the thumbnails of the generated images in functions.php through functions, and the theme needs to be called, the thumbnails defined by the theme will still be generated. That is, theme customization is higher than WordPress default settings. But anyway, it is not wrong to change the default setting to 0. Of course, if the theme author asks you to set other values here.

Sixth, other settings

The above is the more commonly used changes, the other general default can, or you can also according to their own needs, a menu to view settings. For example, if you want to close the entire station comment, you can set it under Settings – Discussions.

Well, WordPress basic settings have been done!


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