WordPress blog batch delete all SPAM spam comments method

WordPress is a very popular mature free blog system. Now the network will produce a lot of spam every day (SPAM), many open the comments function WordPress blog every day can receive a large number of automatic submission by Bot, the water soldier for manual submission of spam comments. These spam comments are mainly based on the website link, which is a popular way to promote the network. These spam comments on the traffic big WordPress blog is a very helpless thing. There are some bloggers due to work for some time did not take care of the comments of the blog message, after a period of time back to find the blog was submitted a lot of SPAM spam comments.
We all know that in the WordPress management background can be selected in batches of 20 comments, and then delete or mark them as SPAM, but if there are thousands of pending comments this is not a way. What we need is a way to remove all spam comments in a way that can be a key, or more convenient. The study found a few can be more convenient to delete all the spam comments to be reviewed by the method to share with everyone.

Method One, use the WordPress plugin to remove all pending comments
We can download and install a Plugin plugin that can remove all Pending comments – Delete Pending Comments – WordPress plugin download address
After the installation of the wordpress background management comments (Comments) below you can see “Delete Pending Comments” (delete pending comments) link. Click on this link and will ask you to enter a word “I am sure I want to delete all pending comments and accessible this can not be undone” (I’m sure to delete all pending comments and know that deleted comments can not be restored) Make sure you want to delete all pending comments in bulk. Note that this is the comment that is pending review, not all comments, so the old comments will still be retained (including those that have been marked as SPAM spam comments will not be deleted).

Use the WordPress plugin to remove all pending comments
After typing this sentence, click the Delete Pending Comments button below to delete all pending comments in batches.

Method 2, use Akismet Smart Recognition to remove all spam comments
This method is more intelligent than the first method and is worth recommending. Akismet is a well-known anti-spam system on the WordPress blog system where blogs can use it to scan and remove all spam comments. Akismet is characterized by its ability to intelligently determine which comments are SPAM spam, which reviews are really written by people, and valuable blog comments (English station recognition rate is not higher). Akismet link address
To install Akismet first you need to get a WordPress API key. Click on the background after the installation is complete. Then you can see a check for the check for the Spam button at the Edit Comments section. Click this button, Akismet will automatically start scanning all the comments, and all the comments on the characteristics of spam comments classified as spam category. This is also the reason why this method is recommended, because Akismet will leave the real comment more intelligent than the first way to remove all pending comments.

Use Akismet Smart Recognition to remove all spam comments

Method 3, use phpMyAdmin into the MySql database to remove all spam comments
If you prefer to write a command, you can try this method. First login WordPress blog where the MySql database server, enter the WordPress database, through a SQL statement batch delete the database in addition to review all comments by commenting the record. Methods as below:
Log in WordPress where the MySql database, and then click on the right side of the SQL, copy and paste the following code into the large text box:
DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘0’
wp_comments is the comment where the data table name, if your table name needs to be changed to your table name, and then click the bottom right corner of the GO button. Use this method to remove all comments other than comments by review, including comments to be reviewed, marked as spam. Spam comments are useless, this can also effectively reduce the size of the database, played a clean up the purpose of the database.

Use phpMyAdmin to access the MySql database to remove all spam comments

Finally, sum up: the first method: all the comments to be reviewed are deleted, the old comments will be retained, but the real review of the same review was deleted. The second method, more intelligent, but the high recognition rate is not high I did not test (if you try to give feedback on the results to us). In the third, all the comments in the database that are not audited are deleted, leaving only the comments that were approved. Is not the world feel a lot of quiet?