WordPress change the domain name to pay attention to ten things

WordPress replacement domain name may have been experienced in the old and new domain name replacement process, how to make the loss to a minimum, which focus on SEO owners who is essential. One side of my own experience to talk about WordPress change domain name after the attention of ten things.
First, modify the database configuration file
If you change the domain name on the same host in the same space, this step can be saved. If the database is different, you have to open wp-config.php to properly configure the database to access the new domain.
Second, change the blog’s installation address and blog address
First use phpmyadmin to open your database, and then find the wp-options this data table, find the first record is siteurl this, there are 39 home, the two will be changed to your replacement after the domain name can be The Only to complete this step, you can successfully enter the background, or even if you enter the password, it will automatically jump to the original old domain name.
Third, modify the article all the links within the new domain name
I believe we published in the previous article must be added a lot of the chain, the domain name replaced, the old chain also no meaning. In this case, you should change the old domain name in the article to the new domain name. If the background from the editor of a search that is unrealistic, there is a way, universal phpmyadmin into your database, the implementation of the following statement can be all within the article within the chain of old domain name to the new domain name:
UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace (post_content, ‘http://www.xiaohu520.com’, ‘http://www.ztmao.com’);
Four, to re-visit the search engine site
Because the replacement domain name, all from scratch, so if the search engine to re-submit a new domain name, submitted to the process, we must pay attention to my article mentioned several points of attention. After the submission, it is a long waiting process, do not worry, because the start again, that this waiting process, you only put the energy on the original article.
Fifth, the old domain name 301 redirect to the new domain name
Do not think of the old and new domain names are pointing to the same station, this will cause “domain name bombing.” The result of this will not only give your website more traffic, but the search engine that your cheating, down your weight is small, it is not impossible for your station K is not possible. If you want to retain the old domain name of the users, it would have to make a 301 redirect. 301 redirect to SEO or friendly, there are many specific methods, the specific operation is not in this one one detailed
Six, re-modify the statistical code
This should be a very simple thing, and then to the statistical site to apply for the new domain name statistics, the old domain name statistics can be covered.
7. Re-change the feed subscription address
RSS feed subscription is to maintain a station traffic is an important factor, when your domain name are replaced, how others also subscribe. So you should re-set the subscription address, and try to notify the old domain name has been changed friends. Also modify the RSS feed subscription address at the appropriate location on the home page.
8, inform your friendship link
Before your 301 redirect is still in effect, be sure to inform your link and change the old domain name to the new domain name. If 301 is invalid and your link has not been notified, then your link will be meaningless.
9, check the plug-in is working properly
Although the plug-in settings are part of the domain name has nothing to do, but we all know WordPress function is to rely on plug-ins, so replace the domain name, it is best to check whether a plug-in is working properly. Such as Baidu Sitemap Generator and Google XML Sitemaps two plug-ins, must be disabled and then enabled to work properly.
Ten, to your frequent visits to the blog message for rice
I have dozens of visits, basically every day to see, in the bloggers to comment on the time casually talk about your blog for the domain name. Played a hundredfold multiplication effect.