WordPress links are automatically added Noopener Noreferrer

I do not know if there is no need to put the chain in the article, taking into account the problem of SEO will generally give the site an article outside the chain automatically nofollow function, nofollow is an HTML tag attribute value. The meaning of this tag is to tell the search engine “Do not follow the links on this page or do not track this particular link.
Beard recently in the editorial website when the article found outside the chain can not automatically add nofollow attribute, after some research is the new version of the wordpress problem.
WordPress automatically adds the new Noopener Noreferrer attribute (resulting in the nofollow property failure) for all links that require a new window in the most recent version update.
Noopener Noreferrer property is not a new release standard, but v4.7.4 version of the WordPress editor will add the default by default.
This property is mainly used to prevent new windows from opening links when there may be phishing attacks, so as a security content WordPress gives added.
But after the addition of the new tab page will not be able to follow the conventional method to track the source page, which in the attribute field has been able to see: No Refer.
After the upgrade to WordPress v4.7.4 version of the original release of the contents of the new window link does not automatically add Noopener Noreferrer.
But if it is a new article or you modify the contents of the previous release, then the new window link will add Noopener Noreferrer.

Please add this code to the bottom of your wordpress theme at function.php and save and upload it

  1. //WordPress links auto add Noopener Noreferrer
  2. add_filter(‘tiny_mce_before_init’,’tinymce_allow_unsafe_link_target’);
  3. function tinymce_allow_unsafe_link_target( $mceInit ) {
  4. $mceInit[‘allow_unsafe_link_target’]=true;
  5. return $mceInit;
  6. }

Add the newly released content after the link if set to a new window open then the Noopener Noreferrer property will no longer be added automatically.
If the previously published article has been attached to the property even after the addition will not automatically remove, you need to manually edit and then delete the new attribute.
That is, manually edit the article and switch the editor to text mode and then rel = “noopener noreferrer” deleted and then save the update on the line.