WordPress Music Player Plugin WP-Player v2.0

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Demo: http://webjyh.com/wp-player/

WP-Player introduction

The upgrade has undergone an overall major restructuring of the page music player js, background MetaBox input method, plug-in structure and so on.

  • Rewritten the method to obtain shrimp ID; directly enter the URL to obtain shrimp ID and the corresponding music type;
  • Support single music page, album page, artist page, featured page (you can also create your own collection);
  • Supports multi-song playback; fully compatible with previous old versions of short codes;
  • Perfect support IE6+, FireFox, Chrome browser;
  • Discard the loop parameter in the short code;
  • Handle the address of the shrimp shrimp to the plug-in itself.
  • Turn off background useless option settings;
  • Support background custom upload music files or music links;

Use method area

  1. Open the favorite song page in the shrimp net, copy the song page URL: http://www.xiami.com/song/2078022……
  2. And copy the URL into the WP-Player form. The music type will automatically choose based on the URL.
  3. Click the Get Music ID button, and the music ID appears in the form.
  4. Fill in the content of your article with the short code [player autoplay=”1′′].
  5. In the short code, autoplay indicates whether to play automatically; parameter “0” indicates no; “1” indicates yes;
  6. PS: It is recommended to use the URL to get the music ID.

Plug-in dependency area

  1. Require jQuery 1.7+ repository, if the version of jQuery used by the theme is too low, please upgrade to 1.7+ version.
  2. The current host is required to support the PHP simplexml_load_file() function, which is used to grab shrimp music data.
  3. If the v2.0.1 version is not supported by the host, Sina Cloud resolution will be used.

Precautions area

  1. Only one player can be set in an article.
  2. For user experience, it will only be enabled if it is automatically played in the article detail page. Home and lister settings will be useless.
  3. Because plug-ins need to rely on jQuery, such as the lack of jQuery topics; need to be selected in the background WP-Player settings;
  4. If both the shrimp ID and the custom upload music are set, the shrimp ID analysis will be preferentially used.

Plug-in download area

  1. Manage via WordPress background plugin => Install plugin => Search plugin => WP-Player => Click to install plugin
  2. Official website download https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-player/ Upload Plugin => Install Plugin

Shrimp ID acquisition area

  1. Single song URL, the general URL will contain **song** characters;
  2. Album page URL, the general URL will contain **album** characters;
  3. Artist page URL, the general URL will contain **artist** characters;
  4. Featured collection page, the general URL will contain **collect** characters;
  5. With regard to the production of the collection of shrimp and rice, it must be set to be visible to everyone at the time of production so that the song list can be obtained;

Developer Zone

  1. Because of the performance of plugin loading, the code in the plugin is all compressed.
  2. The source code I hosted on GitHub, please refer to https://github.com/webjyh/WP-Player
  3. Audio playback is managed with SoundManager2, and the GitHub project is Star.

About feedback

  1. Author: M.J
  2. Blog message: http://webjyh.com
  3. Microblogging message: http://weibo.com/webjyh/home?wvr=5