WordPress only shows the friend links on homepage

Do seo optimization, links to the whole station link and just the home page link is very different. Will be decentralized. Many common wordpress templates are set links throughout the station, so we need to achieve wordpress only show links in the home page and need to toss the wordpress template.
Here for everyone to say that modify the wordpress link seo optimization techniques.

Method 1: Modify the theme source code
In the background to find the location of the link in the theme of the location, background – appearance – editor can be found. The general theme of the link is on the side (sidebar.php), also on the footer (footer.php), according to their own theme to find the link code: <? Php wp_list_bookmarks ();
After that, replace the following code:
<? php if (is_home ()) {?>
<? php wp_list_bookmarks ();?>
<? php}?>
Code explanation: is_home (); Description This code contains links only in the home page.
But I use this code to test, no effect, check the content page is still a link, always want to understand what is the problem? After asking the Supreme, wordpress a lot of people, and finally find a solution to the problem.
As long as the is_home (); before adding a wp_reset_query (); can be resolved, the perfect get.
The final code is as follows:
<? php wp_reset_query (); if (is_home ()) {?>
<? php wp_list_bookmarks ();?>
<? php}?>

Method 2: Plugin settings
1, plug-in name: Widget Logic in the background search installation start.
2, after the figure to speak, background settings. Fill in the following options is_home () &&! Is_paged () and then click Save on the set is completed

WordPress link settings map
3, some commonly used display instructions
is_home () home page
is_admin () administrator account
is_single () article page
is_page () page
is_404 () page can not find page
is_search () search results page
is_feed () subscription page
The is_category (5) only in the ID non-5 classification display
is_category () article classification page
is_tag () article tab
is_archive () archive page
The following explains the meaning of some symbols: || that or, && that and, that is not.