WordPress pictures to prevent hacking links

Method 1: modify the host root directory. Htaccess file
The general WordPress blog is using the Linux host, so you can enter the root directory through FTP, find. Htaccess file. In which to join
RewriteEngine onRewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER}! ^ $ [NC] RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER}! Www.cmsjzy.cn [NC] RewriteRule. (Png | jpg) $ /nophoto.png [R, NC, L]
If you want some other sites to be able to use your pictures, you can be in
RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER}! Www.cmsjzy.cn [NC]
Followed by:
RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER}! You need to be able to display the URL [NC]
Are generally added FEED subscription URL, Baidu, Google or something. The last sentence of the nophoto.png file is to replace the stolen chain of pictures, it is recommended that the picture the smaller the better, you can get a big red fork, write refused to chain. Tips: not recommended at the same time prohibit gif | jpg | png these three picture files, such as you have banned the png, but with nophoto.png to replace the chain of pictures, this will certainly be a problem. If you want to disable both types at the same time, you can use the following sentence to replace:
RewriteRule. (Gif | png | jpg) $ image absolute address (need to add http: //) [R, NC, L]
OK, using .htaccess file for picture anti-theft chain has been completed. The same can not only picture anti-theft chain, add the file extension name, you can other files on the anti-theft chain settings.

Method 2: Use the WordPress Hotlink protection plugin plugin
Download WordPress Hotlink protection plugin plugin, install the plug-in, you can enter the plug-in settings page.
You can set the background in the plug-in to protect the image of the path, such as wp-content / uploads, if the change under the path of the picture was stolen chain, hacking the page will use the right warning picture to replace the original picture, of course, the warning The map can also be set in the plug-in background.

Method three: windows host background settings
If you are a Windows host, you can log in directly to the host background, set the picture anti-theft chain, because there is no windows-host Zhou Liang, so it is not demonstrated.

Method four: through the cPanel panel to set up anti-theft chain.
If you are using a Linux host that is a cPanel panel, you can set it in the CP panel.
1, after landing cPanel, click Security -> HotLink protection. This feature is to protect other sites directly link to your site on the file, through the settings can play the role of anti-theft chain.
2, the default may be disabled, you need to click the “Enable” button to enable it.
3, then the HotLink protection configuration, which “allow access to the URL” here generally fill in your own site URL, that is, what sites you want to quote your image address.
4, “to prevent direct access to the following extensions” fill in your website using the image extension, separated by a comma, such as: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp.
5, “Url re-directed to” You can set a copy of your own copyright picture, when someone illegally references your picture will be the default display of this picture to warn him. Directly enter the address of the picture can be.
6, the above settings are completed, the last click on the “submit” can, then you can own other sites on the site under the reference to the picture test, look at the results.

Method 5: Add a watermark to the picture
This method, many of my friends are using, but still have a lot of children’s shoes and even add the watermark pictures will be chained.

Method 6: simply not in the wordpress blog host inside the picture
The amount of the most Niubi a method, not directly inside the blog to join the picture, or use the picture outside the chain. But this time on the subject, and I was a small joke to open, hehe!