WordPress Recycle Bin feature configuration

WordPress Recycle Bin is a feature introduced by WordPress 2.9.
Starting with WordPress 2.9, we can put any content, comments, attachments into the WordPress Recycle Bin. Into the Recycle Bin, we can restore the contents of the Recycle Bin, you can also completely delete the contents of the Recycle Bin.
On the WordPress Recycle Bin function, in addition to the above description, you need to know the following.
First, customize the WordPress Recycle Bin to delete the time
WordPress Recycle Bin content, the default will be deleted after 30 days, the logic is very simple, otherwise the WordPress Recycle Bin will be more bloated.
Of course, if you think 30 days is too long, we can also customize the content storage time, we need to add the following code to wp-config.php Lane.
define (‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, num);
num = days. By default, here should be the number of days, according to their own hobbies, set the corresponding number of days. After this expires, the content is automatically deleted.
Second, the WordPress Recycle Bin set to delete function.
But that does not mean that we have to always use this recycle bin function, just like some friends know this feature after the evaluation, WordPress official is more and more “out of business”.
Some people still like to immediately delete the content, do not want to operate again in the Recycle Bin, the implementation method is very simple, just need to:
define (‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, num);
In the num into 0 can be, then moved to the Recycle Bin will become permanently deleted, will not be put into the Recycle Bin, delete directly.