WordPress theme to add google font

Google Web Fonts provide a secure and beautiful font service for your blog for free. By using Google Web Fonts, your blog does not have to upload any fonts to display fonts other than the usual “Arial”, “Verdana” fonts.
As we all know, website readability depends on its design and appearance. Web design plays the most important role in the font, the use of what kind of font is important to your site. For example, Arial / Helvetica (sans-serif), Verdana and Georgia are our commonly used web design fonts. These fonts provide a good readability, but if you want to use the new font, all you need to do is make sure that the viewer’s network device installs these fonts. This is difficult to determine. So you have to upload their own fonts to the server, and through CSS to be controlled. But now, there is a better free tool, that is, Google Web Fonts
Before you use the Google Web Fonts service, first understand the following two points:
Choosing too many fonts will slow down your blog loading speed, so you just have to choose what you have to use to avoid slowing down your visit.
If you can only choose the language you need, you will help prevent your page from becoming slow.
At present, the interface and preview language of Google Web Fonts are not English (without interfering with Chinese).
Google Web Fonts can visually display a variety of web fonts, like Serif, Sans-Serif, Display and Handwriting, you can also browse certain properties, such as script display font, width, tilt and thickness. All of these properties can be displayed in the side pane. When you choose the font you want, you can also intuitively preview the overall style such as words, sentences, paragraphs and so on.
Here is a simple tutorial to help you use Google Web Fonts faster and faster:
1. Click Google Web Fonts to enter the Google font service, select the font you want, and then click the “Add to collection” button in the lower right corner. Here we select the “Alike” font as an example font for the entire tutorial.

2. Click “Add to collection”, there will be a message at the bottom of the page “1 font family in your collection” and three buttons, “Choose”, “Review” and “Use.” Here we Select “Use”. That is to use.

3. It also requires setting the font. Select available styles, such as “bold, italic,” and so on. But only for certain specific fonts. Next, select the specific language character. Generate the code.

4. Next is the code department, Google fonts provide three application code, namely the standard mode “Standard (external stylesheet)”, export mode “@import method” and JS mode “JavaScript”. As needed, now you need the pattern, but here we recommend choosing the standard mode. Copy the code in step 3 and copy them to your theme header.php before </ head>.
5. Now add the font name to your theme’s css file. For example: You want to use google web Fonts in paragraph <p> as the default display font. css code directly write on the line:
p {
font-family: ‘Alike’, Arial;
This code will display the google font “Alike” in your blog paragraph, and if the font to be loaded encounters some temporary problems, it will appear as a “arial” font. Likewise, you can add a font style to other elements, such as “body” overall layout, links to “li” lists, and so on.