WordPress title title repeats is not conducive to SEO solution

In the use of Google administrator tools found when the wordpress blog list page repeat page 56, is certainly very detrimental to seo. We all know that wordpress paging calls the title tag in header.php, for which we can fix the problem by repeating the title of the title page on the title tab in the header.php on the title tag to join the paging page of the calling tag to tell the search engine this Is the two pages, and ultimately achieve the SEO effect.
Here, I mainly talk about the category, that is, the title of the catalog directory is repeated, other pages are similar.
Before we can add the page number, we can find this line of code in header.php:
<? php if (is_category ()) {?> <? php single_cat_title ();?> – <? bloginfo (‘name’);?> <? php}
At this point, if the category directory article goes beyond one page, we can see that all the category titles are duplicated, that is, “category directory title – blog title”, we can modify the following,
$ paged = get_query_var (‘paged’); if ($ paged> 1) printf ($ paged> 1) printf (‘paged’); ‘-% s page’, $ paged);?> <? Php}?>
This code means that the first page to obtain the number, if not the first page then add the page number, said the first few pages, through this method can effectively eliminate the page page repeat the title of the problem.
In order to achieve the classification of the title of the title “category directory title – blog title – page number”, in addition to the first page.
Similarly, if it is the home page, you can
($ paged> 1) printf (‘- the% s page’); </ p> </ p> </ p> </ p> </ p> <p> $ paged); <? php}?>
Other pages are also similar, just need to be
$ paged = get_query_var (‘paged’); if ($ paged> 1) printf (‘-% s page’, $ paged);
Add to the appropriate location can be.