WordPress website on the line before you have to complete these five things

In the site of the user exchange group which chat, found that many people always ask a question: the site before the line, what needs to be done? I think this question makes sense. According to past experience to sum up, share the theme of the cat’s friends.
Each site may have its own differences, but there are a lot in common. For the WordPress site, before you go online, you should complete the following five things:

1. prohibit search engine index.
This is because when you just started building the site, it is not suitable for search engine content included. At this time, the site content has not yet been built, some text is only some of the presentation. If the search engine contains the content, it is terrible, because the user to see such a content will have a bad impression on your site. You can in the WordPress management background [settings] -> [read] page settings: shielding search engine index site content. Of course, after everything is ready for the site, do not forget to modify the settings here, allowing the search engine to index the site content.

2. Check the website link.
Make sure that all links within the site are working properly. If the site has a failed link, it will affect the site’s SEO ranking. We have a few days ago to recommend you Broken Link Checker free plug-in, can help you complete this work. (To the bottom of this article)

3. Modify the thumbnail size.
When you change the WordPress theme to the site, it’s important to modify the thumbnail size because the thumbnails of many topics are not the same size.


4. Check the contents of the website twice.
Including the sidebar of the site, footer area, and navigation bar. We often leave some text errors, especially when you stare at the same site content text for a week, so please check it carefully.

5. View the website with your phone.
If conditions permit, try to check the appearance of your website with a variety of different mobile phones and Internet devices. Otherwise, if you only have a large screen PC, you can also try to continuously reduce the width of the browser to see the appearance of the site in different sizes.
If you have any special experience, welcome to communicate with us through the message.